News: DC.COM: Scout’s Notebook: Marinelli Key Hiring; Eberflus Benefits

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    Some thoughts from our media opportunity with the new coaches:
    • As much as I respect Monte Kiffin and what he has done in his career as a defensive coordinator in this league, the hiring of Rod Marinelli is what is going to make this new scheme work. The key will be how this defense will get pressure with four rushers. Listening to Marinelli talk today, it’s a job that he takes very seriously. I liked what Marinelli said about letting the game tape introducing him to the player. Too many times coaches and scouts think they understand what the player is, but until you really sit down and study him it is the best way to clearly know him. I liked what Marinelli also said about evaluating the player on the field through drills to figure out where the best scheme fits are instead of just saying that this guy is a one or three technique. I know that he and Kiffin have an idea where these players might fit but until they get them on the field it will either confirm or change their opinions.
    • Along with the Marinelli hire, the fact that Jason Garrett was able to keep Matt Eberflus, Jerome Henderson, Joe Baker and Ben Bloom on staff was a nice move as well for the defense. In listening to Eberflus speak today, I really believe it was a very wise career move to try and now break away from Rob Ryan and learn this 4-3 defense. I remember Mike Zimmer here in 2005 when Bill Parcells asked him to stay on and coach the 3-4 defense. For Zimmer who had cut his teeth in the 4-3 as a Cowboys assistant it would be a big adjustment, but he was able to hold the defense together and bring it home to a ranking of 10th in the league. For Zimmer it was a valuable experience, but more importantly in league circles front office types looked at him in a different way. I see Eberflus having the same type of opportunity of running his own defense in this league one day from what he was able to learn from Ryan and now Kiffin.
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    Can't wait for the game chats this season.

    "That play sucked. Garrett must've called it."

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