News: Scout's Notebook: Five Thoughts For Training Camp Eve

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    Scout's Notebook: Five Thoughts For Training Camp Eve

    Posted 4 hours ago

    Bryan Broaddus

    Some Cowboys thoughts on Training Camp Eve:

    My biggest question as camp opens for the Cowboys here in Oxnard is the offense line. Switching the tackles and adding a pair of new guards creates a challenge for Bill Callahan. How quickly this group meshes will be key with the great defensive front sevens the club will face this season.

    I don’t think there will be a problem with Dez Bryant's focus on the field while this latest issue is being taken care of off it. Some players could be dragged down this kind of thing, but I don’t think that will be the case for Bryant, who is a football player first. Being in camp and playing ball is what he lives for.

    We really won’t be able to tell how quickly DeMarco Murray and Lawrence Vickers are adapting to one another until this team works in full pads. Vickers is a different type of blocker than Tony Fiammetta, who is more athletic and able to adjust on the move. Vickers is a more physical player at the point of contact....
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    Vickers seems like a great locker room guy, but the crazy enthusiasm some have about acquiring him seems out of place.

    Let's remember: The Texans released him outright.

    He might be a great pickup. Let's wait and see.
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    The Texans let two good fbs go this off-season.

    Vickers/Vonte Leach.
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    He's a John Riggins/Moose Johnston type hybrid with the leadership qualities of Ray Lewis and the heart of Michael Irvin.
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    I saw him sneeze once and the swath of trees it cleared looked like a hurricane had passed through! :D
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    A move driven entirely by finances, not talent... he is widely regarded to be the best blocking fullback in the league today...
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    Just thank the good Lord you weren't directly in the path of that sneeze...

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