News: Spagnola: Final Decisions Right Around The Corner

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    Spagnola: Final Decisions Right Around The Corner

    Mickey Spagnola Columnist

    IRVING, Texas – The Cowboys have two preseason games, four practices and 11 days remaining to prepare for their Sept. 5 season opener against the New York Giants.

    One of those preseason games is vitally important. That would be Saturday night’s skirmish with the St. Louis Rams at Cowboys Stadium (7 p.m., and shown live locally on CBS-11 and all across the Dallas Cowboys Television Network). They call this third preseason game a “dress rehearsal,” meaning the practice game will be treated as seriously as any of the allotted four preseason games played. All healthy veterans and starters should be on deck.

    That final one, Wednesday versus the Miami Dolphins, just four days later and a week before the opener, will be a throw-away. The starters, maybe save the starting offensive linemen, will be put in the deep freezer, likely have their helmets confiscated from them with the highly-meaningful opener just around the corner.

    So if you like to pay attention to this stuff, pay attention Saturday night, where many a final decision will based on those performances against the Rams, seeing that by this time next Friday the Cowboys will have first trimmed their now 87-man roster to 75 (by Tuesday) and then to the final 53 by mid-day Friday. And still, nearly one full month since leaving for training camp on July 28, but almost to the date when the rookies began working out here at The Ranch on July 25, the Cowboys have gobs of roster decisions to make.

    But let’s start here, with the most prominent guys unlikely to play Saturday night (insert worrisome moans): Jason Witten, Dez Bryant, Miles Austin, DeMarcus Ware, Phil Costa and Kyle Wilber, with Kevin Kowalski destined to remain on PUP and Caleb McSurdy headed for injured reserve. From the look of things, though, of the five missing starters, only Witten would seem questionable for the season opener...
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    I'm not so sure I would Keep Felix Jones, or Dan Connor. Both have been outplayed by younger players. I wouldn't keep the 4th tight end, even if it makes us light at the tight end spot for one game. The little bit that the 4th tight end would provide just isn't worth exposing an up and coming player we want to keep.

    We have accumulated a lot of talent on this team ... young talent that could be the nucleus of this team for years to come. We don't need to piss it off by exposing them to waivers trying to sneak them on the practice squad by wishful thinking.

    I would seriously consider putting Jenkins and Wilbur both on pup to keep as many of the young developmental studs as possible. Besides, Jenkins wont be in game shape until at least week 4 and I'm not sure he isn't the 4th best cb on the team at this point, even if he returns to prior form.

    We seem embarrassingly deep at linebacker right now. We need to protect as many of these young guys as possible because they provide us with inexpensive, quality depth at a premium position on a 3-4 defense. There are also some pretty good pass rushers in this group. Those guys cost the hell out of you in FA and dont grow on trees.
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    If Jenkins' rehab is delayed then PUP is viable. O/W you don't take a first rd draft choice who has played well at a premium position and sit him for at least six weeks. Not unless forced to.
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    Do you think Jenkins will make an impact in the first 4 weeks having played ZERO in the preseason, and scheduled to be out at least one game?
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    Wasnt Jenkins cleared to practice the other day? I would imagine he might be ready as early as week 2 (20 days).
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    Wow, just wow! Felix.... Really - I did not even bother to read the rest of your post - outplayed by youger ones... whatever!
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    I agree. The Felix hate runs deep. Felix is clearly 1B, more than a backup.
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    He is being used as the second running back, but I don't think he is the second best back on this roster. He isn't "lightening" anymore.
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    I don't hate Felix, I just don't think he is an effective player.
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    you want Dunbar or Tanner instead of Felix Jones?

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