News: Spears Glad Contract Done After Long Wait

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by CCBoy, Aug 5, 2011.

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    The End Result
    Spears Glad Contract Done After Long Wait
    Josh Ellis Staff Writer

    SAN ANTONIO - Of the Cowboys' three free agent defensive ends, Marcus Spears may have been the one who most wanted to return to the team.

    For two years he's wondered whether the feeling was mutual. After the team made little to no effort to work out an extension when his original contract expired in 2009, he played under a restricted free agency tender last year that paid him less than two backups, Stephen Bowen and Jason Hatcher.

    But as it happened, Spears returned after all. The six-year starter at defensive end, who finally signed a new five-year, $19.2 million contract last week, was finally able to practice with the team Thursday night following the ratification of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement....
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    I have to say, this type of attitude is refreshing in today's world. Simply allowing himself to analyze the situation without emotion clouding the issue is remarkable in itself. Then he takes it a step further by accepting that the team made him a secondary priority. He know what he wants in life, and is not going to be ruled by his pride. Simply an outstanding example of someone living by his/her own principles. Kudos to Marcus Spears.

    Earlier today, many of us were exalting these same traits in Demarcus Ware. That praise was not misplaced. However, Spears has shown the same grace while not necessarily receiving the same amount of reassurance that Demarcus enjoys.

    I am a proud Cowboy fan! Good job to both men.
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    Spears is a man. I really dig his attitude, and I'm surprised he's not a fan-favorite because of it.
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    Does anyone else think Spears sounds just like Tone Loc?


    yeah, I'm old
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    Marcus Spears on Philly: 'Crown 'em champs right now; nobody's over here in Dallas shaking in their boots'


    Cowboys defensive lineman Marcus Spears joined Jim Miller and Gil Brandt on SiriusMX NFL Radio. Here are some highlights.

    What is the difference in Rob Ryan's 3-4 defense compared to Wade Phillips' 3-4 defense?

    Marcus Spears: It's just a lot of moving parts. You never know where guys are going to be lined up at, different guys playing different positions. Then you get all these packages on the field where you never know who's coming. Rob is creative. That's his thing. He wants to force the issue instead of trying to adjust to the offense. In order to do that, you 've got to have guys coming from a lot of places.

    In Phillips' defense, it was guys not taking chances, don't give up the big play. Here (under Rob Ryan) we're going to do some different things and have much more things for the offense to think about:

    Marcus Spears: In a conventional 3-4, guys have to play their position. They have to be in a certain area and hold down a certain part of the field. Rob has managed to come up with a way for the 3-4 to get as exotic as it possibly can. We enjoy the difference, and I think guys are excited about it. I know I am, and Jay Ratliff and all the guys on the D-line cause there's so many opportunities to move around and be in different areas...
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    I'm a HUGE Spears fan. I love his attitude both on and off the field.
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    Marcus Spears is one of my favorite players. He's a really nice guy off the field and on the field he just gets it done.
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    I loved when Spears was asked if last year's defensive implosion was motivation for this season, and he said "damn right it is".
  10. Yeagermeister

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    Because too many fans expect double digit sacks out of our DE's when that's not their role.....or wasn't
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    Fact is the Cowboys needed him as much as he needed the Cowboys. The left side of the D couldn't stop anyone after he went down.

    Very happy to see him back.
  12. Yeagermeister

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  13. TheCount

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    I'm glad to have him back, he's solid if not spectacular and we got him for a song.

    He completely won me over when people were asking him if he was upset about his contract and he said why would I be upset, I get paid a million dollars to play a game.
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    I might be in the minority on this one, and that's fine, but I'm really glad we got Spears back. I think he's under-rated to this team and I'll be glad to have him.
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    I'm glad he's back. I was a bit worried about the defensive line, but his signing eases that concern quite a bit.
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    I just like the guy. Always have.
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    I've always liked Spears as well. He's never going to be the best player on the team, but he grinds when he's out there, and he didn't make a fuss when he played under a tender paying him less than his backup.

    He can be a disruptive player at times, and is solid against the run. I think he could be a big beneficiary of the new defensive scheme, though I could say that about almost any of our defenders.

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