News: DC.COM: Speech Therapy: Coaches Deliver Motivating Messages

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    IRVING, Texas - You didn't need to be in the Cowboys' team meeting room last Saturday to realize how important the following day's game with Houston really was.

    At 0-2, obviously the hole the Cowboys were in would only be deeper and tougher to climb out from if they didn't turn it around against the Texans, who just so happened to be 2-0 on the other side, wanting nothing more than to keep their intrastate rivals winless.

    But apparently, in that team meeting is when the Cowboys actually dug a little deeper, finding even more inspiration.

    Whether they want it or not, credit a pair of veteran coaches who did what certainly isn't an easy task - motivating adult men, most of whom are millionaires.

    Thanks to an emotional and inspiring speech from special teams coordinator Joe DeCamillis, and then another one from head coach Wade Phillips, who asked the players to dedicate the game to someone specific, the group seemed to respond in a huge way.

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    Some pretty strong words: Lying at the bottom of the rubble following the harrowing collapse of the training facility, he had the choice of whether to live or die. He chose to fight and live.

    I'd say that I would have been acutely motivated myself....:starspin

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