News: Tanner And Dunbar Return After Olawale Steps In Effectively

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    Tanner And Dunbar Return After Olawale Steps In Effectively

    Rowan Kavner Staff Writer

    ARLINGTON, Texas – When Phillip Tanner and Lance Dunbar both left the first week of training camp with injuries, it didn’t appear the Cowboys had anyone else on their current roster to fill their roles.

    After the emergence of converted fullback Jamize Olawale, both players are fighting for their jobs as they return to practice in preparation for Saturday’s preseason game against the Rams.

    Tanner had surgery on a fractured bone in his hand and Dunbar suffered a hamstring injury on Aug. 4, the same day Miles Austin left with a hamstring injury. Tanner and Dunbar haven’t played in a preseason game yet this season.

    Most of Tanner’s reps Thursday came on special teams, rather than running back.

    “It felt good,” Tanner said. “My biggest thing was staying into it mentally. That was the most important part. I did well on that. As far as conditioning, no matter how much conditioning you do, it always feels good to get back out here and do special teams.”

    Tanner knows what it’s like to be a surprise back in the preseason. He did last preseason what Olawale has done this year, rushing for 72 yards on 22 carries through the first two games while Tanner and Dunbar have sat out.

    Dunbar said he knows he has a lot to make up for this weekend, after returning to practice Monday against the Chargers. He said he’s 100 percent healthy and stressed the importance of the game this weekend to show he’s back.

    “It’s my first time in action,” Dunbar said. “They want to see what I can do. I’ve got to come ready to work.”....
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    IMO, they will have to beat Olawale out for the spot now. The ability to convert 3rd and shorts or goal to go situations without much of a hole could be a game changer for this team.

    Olawale also has very good size for special teams duties.

    Big guys who can run with the ball are a bit of a rarity.

    I wasn't very impressed with Olawale against the Raiders but he looked way, way better against the Chargers. I am quite curious to see how he does the rest of the preseason to see if he continues to come on strong. This is a guy who is not used to carrying the ball.

    Dunbar and/or Tanner can easily be put on the PS if we want. RBs have to be able to stay healthy despite abuse and Tanner has not impressed in his short career and doesn't have enough skins on the wall to rest on his laurels.

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