News: TE Harry Flaherty, Garrett’s Nephew, Joins Cowboys

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    TE Harry Flaherty, Garrett’s Nephew, Joins Cowboys

    Rowan Staff Writer

    OXNARD, Calif. - Head coach Jason Garrett’s nephew, a fellow Princeton graduate, is now a tight end for the Dallas Cowboys.

    A spleen injury to Jason Witten opened the door for Harry Flaherty (6-3, 250), who signed with the Saints last year as an undrafted free agent. Flaherty was in New Jersey when he received the call from Cowboys personnel.

    “I just finished working out, was eating lunch, and got a call I needed to be on a plane in about an hour and a half,” Flaherty said. “I got in late last night. It’s a pretty exciting opportunity.”

    Flaherty will be working more directly with another uncle, tight ends coach John Garrett. He said he hadn’t seen his uncles since the summer, and he didn’t expect a call during training camp.

    “There were a few teams on the radar, but I kind of just thought because of their tight end situation, the family situation, that wouldn’t really be an option,” Flaherty said. “Then injuries opened it up.”...
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    ...nepotism to me.

    There. I have officially joined the Cowboys Zone of haters.

    I can drop that flag now.:rolleyes:

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