News: Romo’s leadership shouldn’t be questioned

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Gemini Dolly, Nov 19, 2010.

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    Jeff Sullivan Staff Writer

    Some of the thoughts that run through an oversized, bald head:

    Never accomplishes much allowing oneself to become infuriated with what another media type says or writes, then draw attention - which more times than not is the goal - by responding. Thus, without mentioning names, there have been those who have stated recently that Jon Kitna possesses more "leadership" skills than Tony Romo. This isn't the first time someone has called into question Romo's abilities to lead, but if Kitna wins a few more games, there's likely to be more of this nonsense. Look, first off, there are drastically different types of leaders within sports. Take Joe Montana, who certainly wasn't the rah-rah kind, but his calming presence often carried over to those around him. He was never overwhelmed by the moment, no greater example than when in the midst of a television timeout with 3 minutes, 20 seconds remaining in Super Bowl XXIII, his 49ers trailing 16-13, some 92 yards away from the end zone, and knowing some of his teammates, especially tackle Harris Barton, were nervous, Montana looked up from the huddle and said, "Look, isn't that John Candy?" Sure enough it was, and his teammates broke into laughter, easing the tension before what would become a game-winning touchdown drive.
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    I've got no problems with Romo's leadership and neither should anyone else. The guys gets himself ready to play, and he performs.

    What often separates leaders from those who don't is the results. It's just easier for fans and media members to go back to the old "leradership" title. They do the same thing for "chemistry."

    Fact is, if Joe Montana hadn't led that drive and won that game, he might be remembered as being in awe of Hollywood and unable to perform on the big stage. If Tom Brady didn't have those Super Bowl rings, he might be viewed as a Ryan Leaf for some of his recent outbursts.

    All you can do is be yourself and do the best you can. I think Romo does all of that and then some.
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    I like to see more fire from Romo

    esp at the O line

    tell them to get thier heads out thier ************
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    See Tom Brady on the sidelines last Sunday... That's leadership to me.
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    I saw it
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    Not sure I question his leadership but his demeanor at times is awful. I've seen him with his head down, almost in defeat, on the sidelines after the opposition scores etc. right in the middle of games. Ya can't do that.

    The team feeds off this. You can't be pouting on the sidelines as a leader.
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    That and make remarks about how an int is like a punt and a loss is not the worse thing in his life.

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