News: DC.COM: With Felix Banged Up, Choice Always Ready

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    Posted by rphillips at 9/19/2011 1:21 PM CDT on

    IRVING, Texas -- Last week head coach Jason Garrett told his players the story of Wally Pipp, the former New York Yankee who lost his spot in the lineup to a youngster named Lou Gehrig.

    It was simply a famous example of a player (Gehrig) seizing opportunity.

    Running back Tashard Choice says Garrett's favorite phrase is "next starter up." Choice could find himself in a familiar role if Felix Jones (shoulder) is out or limited next Monday against the Redskins.

    "He doesn't even call you a backup," Choice said. "That's how he sees it because he understands the NFL, how people get hurt all the time."

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    I'd rather see Tanner get a shot then Choice.
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    Funny thing is when Felix went put it was Murray who carried the load. Seems like the writer has a thing for TC. What makes him think it will be any different Monday? He is such a liability in pass protection.

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