News: DC: Mailbag: What Can Linehan Improve For The Offense?

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    Yards don't win games. So with Dallas' offense being mediocre in terms of yardage, but top 10 in the league in points per game, why do you suppose a change was made at offensive coordinator?

    Rowan: Because you saw the amount of times this offense stalled or went three and out. A lot of the points had to do with field position, defensive scores and takeaways. Turnovers are what the defense did best. The offense didn't move the ball as well as it should.

    David: Though you're right the offense scored a lot of points, things only seemed to "click" in a handful of games. The running game disappeared when it was needed, as plenty of people have pointed out. The downfield passing game was non-existent -- at least by the standards we've come to expect from Tony Romo and Co. It was a serviceable offense, but serviceable doesn't seem good enough when you consider these same players have produced some of the best offenses in the league in the past four or so seasons.


    If things don't go as planned with Jason Garrett and the Cowboys this year, could you see Jerry Jones making a run at Jim Harbaugh as the next Cowboys coach

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    Basically, teach JG how to implement an offensive game plan (Dez/Murray EARLY AND OFTEN...(not going for the kill shot on 3rd and 1 when the D is being gassed. Playcalling awareness considering the rhythm and conditions specific on a week to week basis, coaching intuition) Predicating initial game plans around his talent instead of throwing things against the wall and taking credit when they stick.
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    Who in the heck wrote this tripe?

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