News: DC: Romo: I Could Play In A Game Now If I Had To

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    IRVING, Texas – The Cowboys will continue to ease Tony Romo back into their offseason program, as has been the case since the team reported for voluntary workouts six weeks ago. To hear it from Romo, though, he would be able to suit up if the Cowboys had a game on Sunday. The surgery he underwent on a herniated disc in his back on Dec. 27 is roughly 23 weeks behind him, and Romo said the slow portion of his rehab is as well.

    “I don’t think it’s slow anymore. I think earlier on, right after surgery, you kind of go through that mode of getting healthy – kind of having to not do too much right away,” he said. “But now I’m to a point where you can push it and kind of go, and I feel like at this point I could play in a game if I had to.”

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  2. WoodysGirl

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    Sounds good, Romo.
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    Knowing how tough Romo is and some of the things he's played through in the past, it doesn't surprise me at all to hear him say this. Dude has a competitive drive that sometimes is overlooked or forgotten about.
  4. visionary

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    Best news
    Without this guy we gave no shot
  5. Ashwynn

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    I agree.
  6. ShiningStar

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    you could play, would it be at your best? I dont doubt Romos toughness or his willingness to win, the question still remains, can we win with him? But this isnt a Romo put down thread so i dont want an answer, but hes a tough sob.
  7. guag

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    And yet one of the first things out of the mouth of the average ignorant hater is, "Romo is such a p-word/girl/pansy" or something along those lines. :rolleyes:
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    Yup. A mate of mine (Brocnos bandwagoner) constantly says that Romo is a wimp and crybaby, when truth is, Romo could beat the tar out him and most of the people on this forum.
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  9. AmberBeer

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    Sometimes overlooked?
  10. burmafrd

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    yeah. How about ALWAYS by some gomers here on the Zone.
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  11. burmafrd

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    BSPN and mediots. Best example of the dumbing down of sports journalism the last 20 years.

    Burger King was bragging on the award he just got recently; in the 70's he would have been considered about average. Now he is supposedly one of the best. Just shows how standards have fallen.
  12. ufcrules1

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    We have no shot with him either. lol
  13. burmafrd

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    one thing about Romo haters= they are consistent.
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  14. AmberBeer

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    Because they're too ignorant to do anything but hate.
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  15. thunderpimp91

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    I have no doubts he could play today....My question is how many big hits can he take and still play this year.
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  16. Bungarian

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    If the defense does not improve Romo and the offense will need to score a ton of points
  17. jday

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    Call up the team, we'll meet you at the stadium!!!
  18. TheEnigma

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    I really think that his drive being overlooked so much is an unfortunate consequence of Philips giving the Cowboys that playoff bye week off the year they went 13-3 and Owens paying for Tony and Jessica Simpson's trip to Cabo.

    Of course I also forget that people who play golf and wear their hat backwards don't have a competitive drive. :rolleyes:
  19. CooterBrown

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    Well, I'd go to Cabo with Jessica, and I don't care who pays for it. I certainly can't fault Tony for it. "Hmm.... Cabo with Jessica Simpson or study film I've seen hundreds of times.......... decisions, decisions....... " Yes, the coach should have never given him that kind of options, but, almost all of us would have made the same choice. (I said ALMOST. Some people understand football more than they understand life, and believe it or not, some people are not attracted to beautiful women.)
    But, your point is very valid. Until Romo wins a Superbowl (and I believe he will), that trip will be used by his detractors to say he doesn't care enough about football.
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  20. noshame

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    I certainly hope he leads us to a super bowl.

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