News: DC: Scout’s Eye: O-Line Made Big Strides In First Game With NYG

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    It won't give me anything to talk about. It's not worth my time. I have a brain. I watched the game.
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    Broadus has been all in on Bernie, saying that is "the best 5" like in Oakland when the truth is that Bernie is a 7th NFL lineman. Honestly the best the offensive line looked in the preseason was with Free at guard versus the Bengals and the second best was against the Dolphins where Arkin played.

    Perhaps he was not ready to go to the couch like Livings, but Bernie played badly against the Giants. The next time that guy cuts off a backside backer on a stretch play will be a first. Leary was not great, but at least that is his first start. Waters is not going to let Linvale freaking Joseph truck him and effectively end a drive.

    On the good side, Frederick was pretty good. If he can handle Poe (who had a monster game) at the nose, I'll be pretty excited.
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    I won't have to ask you to edit my post then. o_O
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    PFF is good for some jokes and a laugh or two

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