News: DC Star: Count Your Lucky Stars (Tony Romo)

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by CCBoy, Oct 6, 2010.

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    A look around the rest of the NFL confirms the Cowboys are fortunate to have Tony Romo as their quarterback.
    by Mike Rabun

    All of this falls under the heading of Count Your Lucky Stars and really should not be necessary, but sometimes it is not such a bad thing to go ahead and point out the obvious.

    And it just so happens to be an appropriate occasion for reflection since there has been plenty of time for it what with the Cowboys having had a week off from competition. Much of this reflecting business involves a glance around the NFL at the quarterbacks who have recently found themselves listed as No. 1 on the depth chart.

    We have, for instance, Shaun Hill. For those who might not have noticed, and they are almost certainly in the majority, Hill has been a professional football player for nine years with four teams and in that time has generally escaped attention while starting a total of 18 games.

    The last two starts have come with Detroit, filling in for the injured Matthew Stafford. After those two games and heading into the Dallas bye week, Hill had thrown five interceptions, been sacked 20 times and lost a fumble.

    In Buffalo, we point out the case of Trent Edwards, who was staunchly defended by that team's coaching staff when criticism mounted during the preseason. Two contests deep into the schedule he had compiled a 58.3 quarterback rating, so he was replaced by former Ivy League quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. The organization that supported Edwards before the season began wound up cutting him before that season reached the one-quarter mark.

    We could, of course, go on and on....
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    I think the worst QB situation is in Arizona. They benched Anderson in favor of an undrafted rookie from BYU. Poor kid is going to get killed by New Orleans this week...
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    That just tells you how bad Leinart was.
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    I think San Francisco has it the worst.

    Shaun Hill is only playing because Stafford's hurt.

    The 49ers are a team built to win NOW, and in the worst division in football, but they screwed the pooch on Alex Smith. He's not the answer, a reality that's becoming more obvious with each passing week. Behind him? David Carr. Yikes. Two #1 picks and neither one can play. Adding to this misery is the fact that the Niners have missed the playoffs 7 straight years.
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    he's getting old.. I think we should lose a few games so we can get in the Ryan Mallett sweepstake..

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    Hah... I actually wouldn't mind drafting a QB in April with a mid-round pick if the coaching staff decided Stephen McGee hadn't shown enough improvement to justify his roster spot.

    Next year will be McGee's 3rd year... if he doesn't show some major strides in TC/preseason... I mean REALLY looking like a competent NFL QB... he's gotta go.

    Oh, but I think Romo's terrific and agree that we're lucky to have him. :D
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    McGee was never anything more than a play to the Ag fanbase, he rode the good faith coattails of Bennett and Dat Nguyen so Dalls thought they'd try more mid-round luck with an under performing talent (supposedly), Aggie quarterbacks in the Dennis Franchione era were not NFL caliber, they were sometimes not college caliber.

    Now if Dallas wants a good homegrown Texas born quarterback we'll have to wait and see if Baylor's Robert Griffen plays himself into the first round or becomes a third round pick in two years time.
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    I for one am VERY thankful we have Romo...I remember the QB rollercoaster after Troy retired, and I think some of our fans either have a very short memory, or are just plain unrealistic.

    We have a top 5 QB by most accounts, and one whom I personally wouldn't trade for any other. I'm very happy to have Romo as my QB, and I hope he plays here for many, many more seasons to come.
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    Drew Brees and Peyton Manning are the only QBs in the league better than Romo. I'm discounting Favre.
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    Very happy and glad to have Romo as QB. I know that I was on the fence for a while there, but, haven't been against the guy for a while now.
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    how bad was leinart that they went this route?
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    I gave up on the Cowboys QB position when Alexander Wright was let go.

    Still waiting on his replacement . . .

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