News: DC Star: From 0-2 to Super Bowl

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    The 1993 Cowboys also started out 0-2, but behind the return of Emmitt Smith, marched to their second straight Super Bowl title ... the last for Jimmy Johnson.
    by Jeff Sullivan

    This isn't the first time the Dallas Cowboys have started a season at 0-2, having done so six occasions previous. Bad news first: the combined record of five of those teams, 1960, 1963, 1989, 2000 and 2001, was 15-58-1. Ouch.

    The lone exception, of course, came in 1993, when as defending Super Bowl champions, and without Emmitt Smith in tow, the Cowboys lost each of their first two games before becoming the first team in NFL history to claim the Lombardi Trophy following such a start. The feat has been duplicated twice since, by the 2001 New England Patriots and the 2007 New York Giants. The 1996 Pats, under Bill Parcells, also advanced to the Super Bowl after a 0-2 start.

    Since 1990, 169 teams have started the season at 0-2 with 22, or roughly 13 percent, having qualified for the postseason. The results drop off Mount Everest after a third loss, with just three of 103 teams earning a playoff berth following a 0-3 start, one of those squads being the 1998 Buffalo Bills, under then-head coach Wade Phillips, who went 10-3 thereafter and earned a wild-card berth.

    As for the 1993 Cowboys, granted, this was no ordinary case study, anything but really, as they cruised through the previous season's playoffs with dominance rarely seen before or since, outscoring their three opponents, 116-47, and were a Leon Lett fumble away from breaking the Super Bowl scoring record. This team was young, too, reaching the mountaintop of their profession in an almost instantaneous flash after having finished 1-15 just three years previous. Jerry Jones and the majority of his players were confident that a dynasty was theirs for the taking - four, five, maybe even six Super Bowls in the decade...
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    That was a great season by a great team

    As for this team talk of SB is way down the road this Cowboys team needs to stay focused on the task at hand they need to continue clean up their mistakes and play quaility football. Do those things and you have a good chance to be where you want to be. thinking about Feb in October will leave us standing out in the cold.

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    Its funny.

    Since then, Jerry just does contract deals. No real haggling or holdouts anyway


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    to me, that 0-2 start and then the dominance once Emmitt came back is what really proved how valuable Emmitt was to the team.. they won without Troy many times, they won without Irvin, but they could never win without Emmitt.. it's like the offense completely sputtered without Emmitt in the lineup..
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    That's an interesting point.

    He played a long time and on some poor teams during the second half of his time in Dallas. So it is easy to remember the Cowboys losing with Emmitt during the lean years.

    But you are right, seldom did they win without him, even during the great years.
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    A team that started 0-2 this year will win the Superbowl. If you follow numbers.
    1993 Cowboys, 2001 Patriots, 2007 Giants, and now 2011 ?. Thats 8 years then 6 years now 4 years.

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