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    Third Quarter:


    Dez Bryant - 2010 Bentley GT Coupe

    "This is my 2010 Bentley GT Coupe. Plain white with black rims - everything is factory, including the rims. Even though it looks like I got them later, they came with the car. I feel like if you spend what I spent for this car, you leave it exactly how it is. I just love how it came.

    "My very first car was a '91 Chevy Caprice. When I drove that, I always knew there was a chance that I one day would be able to get a Bentley. This was my first purchase after I signed my contract. I felt like I had to reward myself in some kind of way. I always wanted one, and I never had the money before, so I thought, why not? This car says hard work. I feel like I worked to get this car. When my friends see it they just say, 'You're driving a Bentley. You actually got a Bentley. I only see those on TV.' I know the exact feeling. I know how they're feeling. For them to be able see it, that makes me excited. But nobody can drive this bad baby but me.

    "This one is good enough for me right now, but I'm going to get some more eventually. The rest will be like old-school cars. I like old-school cars because they're a lot cheaper. You can buy some old dump, fix it up and make it look like a million dollars." ...
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    Sorry, all I can do is follow the rules on site. Rules state that on a posting of an article off another site, you must include the internet site reference and cut the article up. I have offered to include the entire posting from that pay site, because many of their articles are really good in quality. I can only do what I am allowed to do. I still have a negative mark against me currently, for attempting to post a whole three paragraph blog report. If you just don't want what I have posted, then I'll just quit trying to bring some good insights on site. Plain and simple...

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