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    Nick Eatman Staff Writer
    Mike Jenkins had just one interception last year after his Pro Bowl season in 2009.

    IRVING, Texas - The city of Dallas has undoubtedly been captivated by the recent success of the Mavericks and their winning of the NBA title, which was completed Thursday with a downtown parade to celebrate.

    Throughout the process, one of the Mavericks' self-proclaimed slogans has been rather simple: "The Time Is Now."
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    You know what really cracks me up?

    When I see Rob Phillips or someone else (Josh Ellis) highlight Felix Jones' play on the field, and then I get to see the panic on Eatman's face, which is usually followed by several preemptive sounds of but...but...but... :)

    Thanks for the cameras. :)

    Don't let the facts about Felix Jones' play on the field get in your way, Nick.

    (Ex1.) Felix puts up 79-475-2 (LG 73T) (6.01 YPC) during his last six games of 2009 (including the playoffs), and he hangs 272 total yards on the Philadelphia Eagles in two weeks. In 16 games (including the playoffs), Jones rushes 146 times for 902 yards and puts up a 6.17 YPC.

    After Felix Jones accomplishes this on the field in 2009, what did we get from the writer/commentator who is extremely biased against Felix Jones?

    (Ex2.) Felix Jones finishes 2010 with 1250 total yards from scrimmage despite averaging only 9 touches per game during six of the first 8 games of 2010. Moreover, Jones received single digit carries in 6 of the first 8 games of 2010. Furthermore, Jason Garrett had Felix Jones on a 1500+ total yard pace (in the last 8 games of 2010) despite sporting the absolute worst RT in the NFL and a rookie fullback and having to play the third QB in the last two games. I forgot to mention the speculation about the RG who may be released.

    Nick, your bias against Jones is making you look really bad. You don't seem interested in the facts at all when it comes to Felix Jones. I know you love McFadden, but you really, really look bad.
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    Freakin' OWNED! I hope Nick reads up. Way to back it up 41!

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