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    November 18, 2006 ---

    Winning This Game Can Lead To Big Things For The Cowboys
    Coming into this game with a 5-4 record the Cowboys have been on a roller coaster for most of the season. That ride has to stop on Sunday if the Cowboys want to beat the Colts. Playing good football some of the time will not be enough to stop the Colts from going 10-0. If the Cowboys come out and execute on both sides of the ball and use their talents properly they can win this game while sending a message to the rest of the NFL. This team wants to make the playoffs and hopefully win the NFC East. Beating the Colts can be the beginning point in reaching both of those goals. Stopping Peyton Manning is no easy chore and this young defense would come away with a serious confidence boost if they can accomplish this. With Tony Romo as the new gunslinger the Cowboys offense is beginning to click and doing enough in this game to win would only give them an added boost of confidence. Coach Parcells wants this win badly because he knows it help them get over the hump and let them know they have arrived. Good luck Cowboys!

    Julius Jones and Marion Barber III Can Win This Thing
    These two young running backs are having great seasons and each continues to get better from week to week. They will be asked to carry the Cowboys to victory over the Colts. When a team shows up with the worst rushing defense in the league they are asking for the Cowboys to pound the ball between the tackles time and time again. Coach Parcells knows the best way to frustrate Peyton Manning will be to keep him off the field. Look for the Cowboys to line it up and try to use their size and strength up front to provide some big holes for Jones and Barber. Jones has been due for a big game and this could be where he goes over 150 yards with a couple of TD's. Barber will be asked to pound the ball over the goal line should the Cowboys get inside the ten yard line. I would love nothing more than to see both of these guys go over a 100 yards rushing as the Cowboys man handle the Colts.

    Bobby Carprenter and Al Singleton Just Need To Be Solid
    Not having your best pass rusher in Greg Ellis can hurt the defense, but if Carpenter and Singleton can just play solid defense they will be just fine. Ellis wasn't leading the NFL in sacks or anything so it's not like we lost Lawrence Taylor. Singelton has proven in the past he can be an effective run stopper and Carpenter has enough speed and agility to make plays when he's on the field. The other big name defenders are the ones who have to bring their 'A' game on Sunday. Roy Williams needs to knock a few guys into next week should they try to catch a pass over the middle. Demarcus Ware needs to run right by Tarik Glenn on a few plays and let Peyton Manning know he is coming for that football. Terence Newman and Anthony Henry have to lock up Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne all day and stop them from getting the ball in the End Zone. Bradie James needs to be right in the running lanes whenever a ball carrier thinks he has some daylight. Finally, Marcus Spears and Chris Canty haev to step up their game and find a way to offer up an effective pass rush on early downs here and there. If these guys can do these things the Cowboys will win.

    The Crowd At Texas Stadium Better Be As Loud As All Hell
    The Colts offense is in two minute mode on every play. The crowd can affect those lineman if they are so loud that it becomes difficult to hear Manning barking out his signals. That excitement from the people in attendance can also rattle the Colts defense into giving up a few big plays to Terry Glenn and Terrell Owens. This Cowboys team will need all the help they can get to try and stop the Colts so I hope the fans out at the game go that extra mile to help them.

    Coach Parcells vs Coach Dungy
    This game is going to be a chess match. Both of these offenses have big time weapons who can light up the scoreboard if given the opportunity. When to attack and when to slow it down are going to be key decisions and mistakes in this game can be deadly. Each defense also comes in having a weak spot. The Colts can't stop the run. So will Coach Dungy stack the line and make sure not to let Julius Jones run all over them? At that point it would be Coach Parcells' move to see if he decides to air it out and let his WR's earn their money. The Cowboys defense has given up a lot of big plays downfield. So does Coach Parcells make sure his Safeties are lining up 20 yards off the ball? At that point it would be Coach Dungy's move to see if he decides to dink and dunk the Cowboys up and down the field. I hope Coach Parcells makes the right moves at all the right times because I think whichever team falters more is definitely going to lose this game.

    Here's Some Things I Hope To See Happen...
    Just get me the win here. Plain and simeple, get to 6-4 and continue to work towards the playoffs!

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