DCN: We're going to miss him when he's gone

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by erod, Jul 25, 2014.

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    That is a horrible argument no offense. How long was he in the league at that point? Also remember where we were playing (Seattle) who at the time would go on to represent the NFC against Pitt in a game where Seattle more than likely would of been SB champs if not for the refs giftwrapping that game. Also remember that we were in prime position to go to Seattle and win before Terry Glenn and the defense put Romo into a bad spot with the safety and ensuing drive on defense.

    That isn't fair to put ALL on Romo.
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    Note: this is an audio only clip. I tried copying the video and audio using CamStudio from my Game Rewind account. My copy sucked, so I switched to Sound Recorder. I could have used the video too, but who wants to see watermarks? (I'm not paying for that stuff :cool: ). Anyway, here is Phil Simms evaluation of the interception.

    Added note: The audio is through my laptop speakers. Be aware it's kinda loud. I'll never forgive myself if I busted anyone's eardrums. :oops::)
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    Oh my gosh. Pinning that loss on Romo? Please watch the game.
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    I don't post much anymore, but anyone that blames the QB for that loss truly doesn't understand the game. I'll even go so far as the Seattle loss. Anyone that watched the game knows that Witten had the game clinching first down to run the clock out and score. The phantom ref challenged the spot back when ONLY the coach could do that giving us 4th down. We could NOT stop Seattle ALL day. I was 99% positive they would score if we kicked that FG with 1:45 left. Even after that, all we had to do was stop 3 Alexander runs. Nada. Defense was poor that day too.
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    No 2007 was when Dallas played against NY and were 13-3 T.O's first yr in Dallas.

    I find it funny that fans will fault every player and coach exec and owner for the Cowboys. But will not fault Romo because he can throw for 400 yrds a game and throw for 3 TDs. All the while the guy has ended alot of games throughout his career with bad throws when they meant the most. You can all point to his heroics in games in the early part of the yr. But its the games at the end of the yr where he hasnt gotten it done. He has had 4 playoffs games and has had 1 good game and that was vs Philly.

    2006 season Seattle game, Seattle secondary was hurt, and Romo couldnt move the ball. 189 yrds passing 1 TD
    2007 season Giants Romo had #3 offense #9 defense, 201 yrds 1TD
    2009 season Eagles Romo didnt have a great game but he didnt need to, The running game killed philly. 244 yrds 2 TD
    2009 season Vikings Romo bad game. 198 yrds 0 TD. The OL was hurt but its the playoffs. Big QBs step up

    People seem to think None of these Elite QBs play with injured teams and questionable coaching. Bad defenses. Its just these Elite QBs play it smart. They play within the teams capabilities and systems.

    This is actually the last Romo post im going to post because it literally is exhausting trying to debate against every excuse Romo supporters come up with trying to absolve him from any accountability in this teams lack of success when it mattered the most.

    I seriously think most of you would blame global warming before Romo on the teams lack of big wins
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    What are you talking about? We were talking about a whole different thing, about the HC's Romo has played under, him having Wade and Garrett as HC's for 98% of his career is plain awful.

    Parcells is one of the best HC ever but that is not the argument.
  7. LatinMind

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    Well im telling you that Romo has had him best seasons under Wade and Garrett. So how bad can it be?
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    Just imagine Romo having Parcells or a quality HC for that matter for the last 8 years, I think he'd absolutely have more playoff wins but I guess we will never know. That was my only point on the matter, I don't know where it turned into a whole different thing.
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    Well, as for me...when Romo is gone, I will miss him, but I sure as hell won't miss the haters that hate the guy because when he is gone hopefully they will be gone also. However, I doubt that...they will just find someone else to hate on.

    Carry on...
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    Well said.
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    I got into detail because you seem to want to throw the whole Romo is a victim that this team has been horrible coaching has been horrible. Its not the case. In most cases Romo has been his own worst enemy. The guy can wow you for 58 mins of the game, and can gut you in the final 2. Thats who he is, and thats who he will always be.
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    Someone who hates Romo normally hates him for three reasons. They either see him as a threat. They hate themselves. Or they want to be him.
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    Yeah, that's the ticket.:rolleyes:
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    This was never about Romo, it was about if he had it bad with his HC's? I am not going to argue with you about Romo, your stance is clear, that was never the point.

    Honest question, if Romo with his exact same teams had been coached this past 8 years by coaches like, Belichick, Payton, Parcells, Dungy, Tomlin, Reid, Coughlin, The Harbaugh brothers, Carroll to name a few, you think he'd only have 1 playoff win?
    Don't want to go back and forth with this, just your honest opinion on the matter, it's a simple yes or no question.

    I trully believe he'd had more playoff wins, that's why I say he's had it bad with Wade and Garrett.
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    Well its been 7 yrs since Parcells coached him. Its no secret Parcells didnt find anything special about him. He's a good QB, but up until this point he hasnt shown anything to say he can win when it counts. In a big game he cant take his team for the win, like the top QBs in the NFL have done when it mattered. So right now i say now i dont think it wouldve made a difference.

    Now im not saying he wont. Me personally i love Linehans system. Maybe he can be the one to get Romo over the hump.

    And its funny that you say none of this is about romo when the Thread reads we will miss him when he;s gone.
  16. DandyDon1722

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    You guys live in such a fantasy world it's truly laughable. I cannot stop chuckling every time I read this stuff. So you just want to go out to the QB tree and pick a generational talent like Luck and put him under center because we're the freaking Dallas Cowboys. The ten percenters always think the next guy is an automatic franchise QB with no clue how to get him without tanking to 2-14 and even then there's no sure thing.

    We could go another ten Chad Hutchinson years ever think about that?

    BTW - Here's what we'll probably miss without Romo - how about staying competitive until we get the defense fixed.

    You guys will never be taken seriously -- but the chuckles are a laugh a minute.
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    A simple yes or no would have been enough, just so you know, you basically just said that coaching hasn't mattered in Dallas for the last 8 years, because no HC would've made a difference.
    But you think maybe Linehan does this year??? Then I Hope you are right.
    Anyway, hang on tight because you'll probably have Romo for the next 3 or 4 years.
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    I seriously think there are many people on this board would blame Romo for a playoff loss if he went 7 TD's on 7 total possessions with the Cowboys defense giving up 8 TD's on 8 opponent possessions.
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  19. DandyDon1722

    DandyDon1722 It's been a good 'un, ain't it?

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    What! Yeah right, Parcells never saw anything in him so he just let him chill out on the roster for awhile. You think he's the kind of guy to hang onto a player because he's a good guy?

    And he can't wins when it counts like other QBs? Ben won a Super Bowl throwing by throwing 0 TDs 1 INT and a 26 QB rating - he really stepped up. Brady has thrown 3 INTs in two separate Championship games and won them both - did he step up or were those guys part of a better team.

    Not every post can be good, we all have off days once in a while and that was just a bad post. It was emotion based, not thought out and It was beneath you because I know you're better than that.
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    It would have made all the difference in the world if we would of had a real coach. Then Romo would not of had to carry the team. His mistakes happen when he is trying to do too much to help the team win. Better coaching would eliminate a lot of that. Not to mention the two+ games a season Garrett has cost us with idiotic game/clock management that if we would of won just one of those each season would have given Romo a few more chances at playoff success.
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