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    Remember the Greenhorn from the Wizard that was pouting in his bunk all the way back to Dutch because he thought they were picking on him? Then asked for a ride?

    Guess robbing banks is easier than crab fishing. :rolleyes:


    EUGENE, Ore. — Police say a man who appeared in the Discovery Channel show "Deadliest Catch" is wanted for three bank robberies in Oregon and has been arrested in Illinois.

    Police in East Peoria, Ill., say they arrested 23-year-old Joshua Tel Warner early Thursday on the Oregon bank robbery warrant after a vehicle he was riding in was pulled over for a routine traffic stop. He was being held on $30,000 bail in the Tazewell County Jail.

    Police in Eugene, Ore., say he is the same Josh Warner who appeared as a greenhorn deckhand on the king crab fishing boat Wizard in the "Deadliest Catch" earlier this year. The television reality show depicts the crab fishing industry in the treacherous Bering Sea near Alaska.

    The warrant charges Warner with one bank robbery in 2007 and two in 2009.
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    Yep I remember him. Idiot.
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    :laugh2: What an idiot
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    Brings a whole new meaning given his newest accomodations.

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