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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Doomsday101, Apr 14, 2010.

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    It was strange watching the new show lastnight and seeing Capt. Phil knowing that before the season comes to an end that he will no longer be with us.

    I thought lastnights show was the best one thus far as 2 capt Jonathan Hillstrand and Capt Keith get into a fight before the season starts.

    Phil Harris sends his son Jake to the Northwestern while Sig sends Jake Anderson to the Cornelia Marie
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    I thought Jonathan crossed the line. It's ok to be mad and tell him to bugger off, but there's no need to lay your hands on him. It's not like Keith outright offered the guy a job.

    I also thought the Jake/Jake trade was probably a little sad for Jake Harris, in retrospect. I'm not sure if they spent the whole king crab season on each other's boats or just for one off load, but I'm betting he wishes he had that time back.

    I was also glad that they changed the intro montage of pictures. That old shot straight up Phil's nose was never very flattering.
  3. Doomsday101

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    I may be wrong but I think the deal with Jonathan and Keith may be more than just this 1 incident, it seems as Keith has done things over a period of time that has hacked off others including Hilstrand.

    I do agree that is retrospect it is a messed up deal for Jake Harris
  4. Faerluna

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    The other Jake's father disappeared this past January, too. I'm sure that will also be addressed during opie season.

    That kid can't catch a break, either.
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    I think Jonathan knew which button to push with Keith and pounded it with a sledge when he said he was out there killing his brother, in reference to the tarp incident last year where his brother got the cracked ribs and other injuries.

    The Northwestern got nailed last year picking up Keith's pots, but the producers covered up all the markings on the boat during the broadcast even though it was only a few hundred yards off the port bow at night.

    There's a lot of bad blood out there I think. You've seen episodes where the double width of the beam of a ship is the distance between two parallel strings of pots.

    Those two boys on the Cornelia need to iron things out, and quick. They act like two damn R&B prima dona divas. The Time Bandit brothers are the polar opposite, until the past episode. Still watching it right now.

    Hillstrands, "It's an omen" right before the cod boat goes down.
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    I've got to get caught back up and watch this season. I'll be watching it with a great deal of sadness cause Phil was by far my favorite captain.

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