Deadliest job in America

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    Deadliest job in America: Working on cell phone towers

    Tue Jul 8, 2008 4:06PM EDT

    Next time you can't get a cell phone signal in the middle of town, put your problem in perspective: New figures show that the deadliest job in America now goes to the men and women who construct, upgrade, and repair cell phone towers.

    According to a story in this week's RCR Wireless News (no online link yet), building and climbing towers (which can be hundreds of feet tall) is more dangerous than ranching, fishing, logging, and even ironworking. The fatality rate is currently 183.6 deaths per 100,000 workers: Five tower workers died during one 12-day span earlier this year alone. 18 tower workers died on the job in 2006.

    The cause for the runup in tower worker deaths isn't completely clear, but it's likely a combination of careless working practices (workers not using safety gear 100 percent of the time, or not using it correctly) and network operators pushing to build out and upgrade their networks too quickly. Hard to blame carriers for wanting to get faster networks up and running, but not at the cost of human life. (RCR is careful to note that the investigation into the rise in fatalities is too early to attribute to any specific source.)

    Oddly, a loophole in OSHA rules may make it difficult for changes to happen quickly: Towers are often constructed by small contractors instead of the carriers or the owners of the towers. Since the carrier isn't on site during the construction of the tower, the contractor receives the fine and the carrier and owner face no sanctions. (That hasn't stopped the families of some of the deceased workers from suing carriers, though.)

    Up next: Workers and their unions are hoping to push through federal legislation which could lead to more thorough regulations covering safety in this largely ignored industry.

    I would have never even thought of this job when making a list.
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    "Figures, schmigures!!!"
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    Right on Brother, The Northwestern is the :bomb:

    :yourock: :yourock: :yourock: :yourock: :yourock:
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    It would not have guessed it, but now that I read it it seem to make some sense.
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    Shut up and fish!
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    Did anyone of watch After the Catch last night? They showed clips of Edgar lighting stuff on fire. It had me cracking up. Dang he's a pyromaniac but my favorite one on the show. :laugh1:
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    Yea, we saw it - hilarious! I love those After the Catch ones. I'm glad they had more than just one this season.
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    That statement makes no sense. It is the responsibility of the tower crew to be safe when installing, upgrading or repairing any tower, not the carrier. Regardless of end of the month quotas or winning bids to do contract work, it is still up to the tower crew to ensure safety is number one regardless of the work being performed.
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    Edgar is hilarious.

    I love to watch him bite the head off a herring.....last night it was a mullet.

    As far as cell towers go.

    My cousin has one on her property. The cell company pays them rent each month. They used that money to send their kids to college.
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    It is indeed up to the crew and individual workers to do it right and safe.
    Blaming the carrier is just part of todays blame everyone else but myself for my problems climate. Lets face it- its all about the lawsuits someone will start to file. Lawyers get more money.
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    My son and I love watching The Deadliest Catch as well as Dirty Jobs and The Verminators. I'm really getting more and more into the Discovery Channel cause I also like to watch Man Vs. Wild on there as well and my daughter likes a lot of the animal shows they have, like Animal Cops and Meercat Manor or whatever it's called.
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    Wrong! The highest on-the-job mortality of any job in America is President of the United States.

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