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    Manti Te’o isn’t the only football player who’s been fooled online by someone posing as a woman who wants to develop a relationship.

    At least four players on the Redskins were duped during the 2012 season by a person posing as a woman who was sending them messages online and hoping to meet them in person, Jeff Darlington of reports. Players attempted to meet her in person but nothing ever came of those meetings.

    Hahahaha those Deadskins.:laugh1: :laugh2:
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    The person sending the messages was none other than John Mara.
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    My sources say it was the Sex cannon Grossman, he was gonna Tonya Harding RG3's knee when he showed up for some LUL time. Unfortunately the turf beat him to it.
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    I can't wait for the reports on how they were fooled into thinking they had a franchise QB too.

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