Death Row Meal

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    You've been convicted of a heinous crime and sentenced to death row. After spending the last 14 years in a cell your day of reckoning has finally come. The warden has informed you that you'll be served an appetizer, soup, salad, entree, dessert, and beverage of your choice. What's yours?

    Appetizer - Shrimp cocktail with some blazing hot cocktail sauce. I figure it's been 14 years since I last had fresh seafood and I'm a simple man.

    Soup - Clam grandmothers if they can figure that out some way. Got to have a few oyster crackers in there too.

    Salad - Caesar. No bottle dressing crap! I want the old school made at your table kind with fresh grated Parmesan.

    Entree - Porterhouse cooked medium rare and rubbed with fresh garlic, loaded baked potato, asparagus, and dark bread & butter.

    Dessert - Chocolate eclair. Again I'm a simple man.

    Beverage - Famous Grouse scotch on the rocks. It's cheap scotch, but what I drink. After 14 years I figure I'd miss it pretty badly.

    It's hard to make a favorites list without any Asian or Mexican on it, but hey I'm the one getting gassed.
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    "Manhattan" style or "New England" style?

    More Food Network for you! :D
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    10 fillet of fish and a case of PBR.
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  4. jimmy40

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    Golden Corral's endless buffet
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    And you get to eat as long as you want?

    About the only way this would be a good choice is if it prolonged your life.
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    Appetizer - Shrimp cocktail with regular cocktail sauce.

    Soup - Tomato. Preferably a thicker one with some tomato chunks and basil. Actually the Progresso soup I buy would be fine.

    Salad - Caesar.

    Entree - Breaded streak like my mom makes it.

    Dessert - A really good raspberry cheesecake.

    Beverage - Cheerwine and a glass of Jameson.
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    App - Maryland crab cake with some fried crab claws

    Soup - Lobster bisque

    Salad - simple one with butter lettuce, gorgonzola cheese and a balsamic vinegar dressing

    Entree - chicken fried steak w/brown gravy

    Dessert - bread pudding w/o the raisins!

    Bev - a 64oz fountain Mt. Dew followed by a few pills of arsenic :D.......beat them to the punch!
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    Can't really "like" this post, but made me laugh.
  9. Bill Wooten

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    Appetizer - Deviled Eggs
    Soup - Potato Soup - The way my Dad makes it. Nothing special, but feels good and reminds me of home.
    Salad - Save room for the entree.
    Entree - As many Eastern NC BBQ Sammich's as I can eat. Pork BBQ, vinegar based sauce, cole slaw and cheap buns.
    Dessert - Nanner Puddin
    Beverage - Sweet Tea
  10. Phoenix

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    Firstly, JimmyBuffett, if you're a simple man then bottle dressing should be just fine for you :D

    Secondly, I highly doubt you could get any alcohol whatsoever in a prison, even at a last meal. Maybe mouthwash :)

    Thirdly, I would have to give a lot and lot of thought to what I would ask for. I would be very torn between thinking of what I really miss, and what I have never yet have had and this is my last chance to try something new before, uh, trying something new if you know what I mean.
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    Cinnamon rolls - Lots of them, and from a local cafe in Lee's Summit, MO.
    Lots of bacon, including some sandwiches made of said bacon, toast and grape jelly.
    Rolls from Golden Corral/Ryan's/Texas Roadhouse with honey butter.
    A huge steak.
    A variety of pizzas from different places. Thin crust from Papa John's and Pizza Hut, original cut from papa john's as well. New York Style pizza from a local place too.
    A huge cookie cake.
    A huge homemade cake
    Ben & Jerry's Cinnamon Bun Ice Cream

    -Repeat until dead
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    A cake with a key in it.

    Meet you by the door where they take the laundry out.
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    7bone roast with Onions, carrots and Baby Potatoes.

    Hot Biscuts

    Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

    Green Beans and bacon

    Cold Bud

    Home made Carrot Cake with a tall glass of whole milk.

    Not real extravagant but that's probably my favorite meal.
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    Should have bolded "endless" I guess.

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    Same as Lex Luther.
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  17. yimyammer

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    Liver and onions, only something that hideous could make death taste sweet
  18. KJJ

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    I really can't see how anyone who's about to be executed could have an appetite to enjoy a last meal. I had trouble eating before a big exam in college I could only image what would be going through my stomach if I was facing a lethal injection or the electric chair.
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    My thoughts exactly. Especially since I was framed.
  20. KJJ

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    Yeah especially when the one who framed you is out with a hot blonde enjoying some fine french cuisine.

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