Defense carried us this week

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by gdogg24, Sep 9, 2013.

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    Six takeaways, three sacks, three ints, three ff, and two defensive touchdowns. I must admit I wasn't completely sure if our takeaway production would carry over from the pre-season but hey at least it was here for one game. Offense really disappointed me when you defense gets you the ball back that many times the game shouldn't even be close. I thought our front four got good pressure all game long but it's amazing how many good things happen when you swarm to the ball. Hopefully the defense keeps up the takeaways but next time maybe the offense will show up to play too. In the end great win over a division rival and that's never a bad thing.
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    Yeah, for so many things that were different, so many things were still the same. There are those things that make you say, "Only the Cowboys..." If Eli would've drove NY back to win, it would've been one of those moments. For all the new surprises we saw today (good OL play, defense causing turnovers, strong special teams), there was just too much of the same ol' that made it frustrating to watch. We don't put teams out of their misery early in the game, our offense and defense are never on the same page at the same time, and we settle for too many FGs when we should be scoring TDs. I like the changes we've made so far, but there need to be more changes made if we want to compete for a Super Bowl.
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    It's a long season in front of this team a lot of time to improve. What I like is that the area where the team has been questionable in the past is where it seems we've improved the most. Still too many penalties, still started slow on offense, we'll see what Waters brings to the table though Berny was clearly the weak spot in the line today.
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    Well sought of, they still had nearly 500 yards put on them. If not for the turn overs the Giants would have killed us. Eli still had too muck time in the pocket.

    Having said the Defense has problems the Offense was worst. The right side still needs a good guard and I hope Waters helps here. I keep seeing Free flying thought the air as he hit the ground and Romo gets hurt. Running game is still not up to speed Williams needs to sit for a while to learn the game and put in Harris. Having said this I still predicted a 35-31 win for the Boys, close.
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    They say the biggest improvement is from week 1 too week 2! I like performance, but plenty of areas to improve on.
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    I'll say this much about the Cowboys. If they can continue winning the turnover battle this season, they are going to win a lot of games. 6 to 1 is incredible, even if they almost lost.

    The defense has to be consistent though. They were laying down several times and let Eli march down the field on them. I'm very excited to see them play this season though if they can stay healthy.

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