News: DeMarcus Ware, Dallas Cowboys headed for a split?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by morasp, Mar 5, 2014.

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    Sme could be said about any player in the league "If he had done this, so and so, wouldn't have happened"

    Guess what? It didn't, and probably will never see an 18 sack season from Ware again, maybe 11-12 A big maybe. You don't get paid, or shouldn't get paid off past success, when it is clear you have not been the same for some time.
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    Point is, we are losing him because of his decline in play...
  4. Alexander

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    What 30 plus year old gets 18 sacks a year? Sorry, it was cap mismanagement any way you slice it.
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    Many, many defensive ends have played well into their 30s and been incredibly productive.

    But Ware is a finesse player with a fragile body. Frankly, in this steroid infested league, I strongly suspect Ware is breaking down because his body is not naturally built to carry that weight and that structure. He's not naturally a big man, relative to an NFL player, which is why big schools didn't recruit him.

    I don't care if he stays or goes. If they work something out, then fine. If not, I think you can find six sacks in your couch cushions. At this point, George Selvie is as good or better than Ware.

    I'd rather find a way to keep Hatcher and Spencer than Ware. Draft d-line, and sign Henry Melton.

    Ware, as I've said many times, hasn't been an impact player in a long, long time. He racks up stats at meaningless points of games. He doesn't dictate anything. He requires no double teams. Multiple backup tackles have owned him for four quarters the past three seasons.
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    If ware doesn't want to take a pay cut let his *** go and spend the money on two starters or one really good young player.

    With that 7.5 million we can get Byrd and Michael Johnson. 1st year contracts are low due to signing bonuses.
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    some are in love with Ware and want him here to finish his career. Not realizing that in the cap era this kills the team. I fully agree that he needs to go. Not worth vet minimum.
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    So Dallas should have just let him walk in 2011 instead of signing him to a contract? If you are not willing to pay top dollar to a pro bowl player then your not going to keep many pro bowl players around now or in the future.
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    18 i sjust a number, point is, you could simply restructure if he was still playing well, and the cap hit is easy to justify. Its not like he's 37.
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    Ware won't be leaving by choice if he leaves. And he will have zero chance of making the money he is set to make in his current contract. No one abuses jerry and this regime more than me, but I am not getting the abuse on this one. ware was playing great, got a big contract then declined rapidly. I feel like with Free last year they are finally asking a player to take some of the risk which is good. Should they keep paying a 6 sack guy with 10% of the entire salary cap just as a lifetime achievement award as he used to? I hope he takes a cut and stays and proves everyone wrong and has a great year but I would not gamble 13mil on him next year.
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    and continueing to pay for past performance, to a future ROH/Hall of Famer, perpetuates the cap mismanagement. It has to stop at some point. Nobody loves Ware more than I do, but he is not playing up to his salary, no matter if Romo, Carr or Witten or Rowdy haven't been asked to take a pay cut too.
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    I like everything but the staying part.
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    and SOME are not true fans just oppurtunistic bandwagon jumpers.
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    I would love to see Ware play out his career in Dallas and become the all time sack leader in NFL history and hoist a Lombardi trophy or 3! But you have to be a realist and paying guys for what they did 3 years ago is a big part of why we have sucked for so long.
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    Are you calling me bandwagon?
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    Wasn't it "player loyalty" and emotional attachment that killed Landry's teams in the end? It's almost excusable for Landry since his players were not set for life financially like these star players we're talking about now. I love Ware, a great Cowboy, but if it doesn't look like he's going to improve significantly them it's time to say goodbye.
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    Thank goodness, right?

    Parcells was living off his past when he came.

    He didn't have it anymore and his coaching staff was assembled with the intention of using Parcells as a springboard.

    Originally the rumors were laid down Parcells was bringing coaches to Dallas that would take over from him.

    But instead they all fled.

    Payton was supposed to be our next HC.

    But something went wrong. Never heard how or why exactly.

    Then suddenly Garrett became the answer by default more than anything else.

    Jerrah has no intention of changing now.
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    LOL Parcells won ten games with the worst roster in the league and by the time he left this team was ready for a 13 -3 season they had with Wade. If jerry never forced TO on Bill to show him who is boss we may have actually won something. Payton would never have even been here is not for Parcells.
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    Don't give him those true facts. he loves a losers like Jason Garrett to much to listen to reason. Jason Garrett vs the Big Tuna.enough said.
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    I didn't think he was the answer but Romo, Ware, and Witten were brought in during his tenure.
    He was probably the best we've had since Jimmy.

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