News: DeMarcus Ware, Dallas Cowboys headed for a split?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by morasp, Mar 5, 2014.

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    Agreed ABQ and almost every report I've seen about those players is that every team that they play for are looking to either re-structure those deals or release the player. There was talk early in the off-season of the Lions out right cutting Suh is he didn't agree to a new deal. The release of their WR and safety has taken the pressure off the valve, so to speak, to the point that they can continue this season under his current deal but it didn't sound like they would be interested in moving forward after this season under his current deal. The inflated numbers on the back end of those contracts is "funny money". Something to put in the papers that hardly any team ever intends to pay up on. I wouldn't be surprised to see Peppers deal terminated an Wallace's become a mere restructure.
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    Because Romo's play has not declined to the degree that Wares has. Ware is better as a lb, as a de he gets beat up play after play. Hopefully he takes the cut in salary, I'm sure that it will be more than fair to both.
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    As of right now there are many players in the NFL who you could plug into Wares spot and get better productivity. Its time to move on, especially with his contract. He just isn't worth it. He can't play an entire season and he's only going to get worse. We can get someone in free agency that's better and possible the draft..IMO
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    Because Carr is a 'shut down corner' and he and Mo are the reason we are a top defense

    If we had 2 more CBs like them we would not need any DL
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    I was being sarcastic
    Alexander knows that
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    hey, what do I know.
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    If Ware was healthy last year we are restructuring him just like we did Romo a couple of days ago. Now we have to ask him to take a pay cut to stay. Quite a few teams in the NFL manage the cap by pushing the big numbers backward and then have to keep extending outward, see what the Steelers just did with the hair ball.
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    I don't like to toss players to the side after one bad year but this has been 2. I still havent gotten over him playin with one arm last year in that game that Romo supposedly cost us. Not blaming him for that loss either but anyone could have beat the hell outta that defense running the ball right at him.

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