DeMarcus Ware hasn't missed a game yet

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by OhSnap, Oct 18, 2013.

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    Since 2005 Ware hasn't missed a game. I thought maybe he shoulda missed a game or 2 at the end of last year when he needed surgery. He says he's not hurt that bad and it's a game time decision.-"I know that I can get through injuries. You can never sway what [injury] is worse than the other. Each week, like I took with that injury, take that whole week and make a game-day decision."

    Is playing important to him because of the streak of no games missed since 2005 or his he just a stubborn tuff guy. Whats your opinion?
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    Ware doesn't seem like a guy who is concerned with a streak. IMO he seems like a player who desperately wants to just be on the field to help his team.

    if he can play then that's great and we need him, but for something like a quad strain in a position like DE, and especially for Ware b/c his explosion is based on his legs i would say be safe and at least sit out one week b/c the last thing he needs is to potentially blow out that muscle and be gone for the year.
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    I would just hate to see him so desperate to get on the field that he ends up being a liability. Everyone knows if Ware isn't 100% to just run the ball right at him and tear off chunks of yardage.
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    Really, I thought he was washed up:rolleyes:

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