Dennis Hopper dead at 74 after prostate cancer battle

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    Dennis Hopper, the hard-living Hollywood icon who directed and starred in the classic "Easy Rider" before sobering up for an acclaimed second act in a remarkable career, died Saturday.
    The actor, whose critically-hailed performances dated back to "Rebel Without A Cause" opposite mentor James Dean, died of complications from prostate cancer at his Venice, Calif., home. He was 74.
    Hopper - who was in the middle of a contentious divorce with his fifth wife - was surrounded by family and friends, according to Reuters.
    Hopper earned a pair of Oscar nominations that reflected his wildly disparate talents: the first for co-writing 1969's cult classic "Easy Rider," and the second for his portrayal of an alcoholic hoops coach in "Hoosiers" nearly two decades later.
    The latter role came after Hopper, one of Hollywood's most unremitting drug and alcohol abusers, beat his addictions and restarted his career - including roles in the quirky "Blue Velvet" and the big budget "Speed."
    Hopper co-wrote "Easy Rider" with co-star Peter Fonda and Terry Southern, creating a low-budget biker flick that become a blockbuster. The movie also starred an unknown Jack Nicholson as a hard-drinking attorney.
    Across his five-decade career, Hopper also starred in Francis Ford Coppola's "Apocalypse Now" as a demented photographer and in "Giant" opposite Dean.
    He directed the Los Angeles gang movie "Colors," starring Robert Duvall and Sean Penn - who was so impressed that he later named his son Hopper.
    The veteran actor first fell ill last September, but continued working on the cable televi
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    RIP Dennis

    It's no surprise if you had seen him lately. It's good to know he's no longer in pain.
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    RIP Dennis. :(

    Loved him in Hoosiers.
  4. Big Dakota

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    The man lived life, that's for sure. RIP old boy.
  5. theebs

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    Blue velvet is such a crazy weird movie that it is very good.

    Colors is a fabulous movie.
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    First Gary Coleman then this?

    At least Hopper made it to 74, not too shabby for a guy that lives his kinda life. Cancer is a hell of a way to go though.
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    I was a big fan.

    For an NFL tie-in, I loved those commercials he did back in the 90s. "Know what Bruce would do to me if he found me messing with his shoes - bad things, man, bad things" (in reference to Bruce Smith, DE from the Bills).
  8. Bonecrusher#31

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    I liked his "Primetime" one too....RIP
  9. ethiostar

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    who will be #3? Since Celebs always die in 3s.
  11. big dog cowboy

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    rip easy rider.

  12. bbgun

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  13. mldardy

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    Speed, Hoosiers, Apocalypse Now, Blue Velvet, the NFL commercials and True Romance. Memorable stuff from him. RIP.
  14. MetalHead

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    I liked the one about Hardy Nickerson..."If you see him...act casual..."
  15. kristie

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    r.i.p. :(
  16. TheCount

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    Dying at 97 of natural causes doesn't count towards the rule of three!

    If you die at nearly 100 years old at home in bed, you kicked lifes ***.
  17. jackrussell

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    They die in 1's.
  18. Doomsday

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    Always been a big fan of his.

  19. CliffnMesquite

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    I enjoyed his work. May he rest in peace.
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    I just saw an interview on the news where he admitted at one point he would drink a half gallon of rum, another fifth of rum, 28 beers, and snort 3 grams of coke every day.

    That probably wasn't good for his prostate.

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