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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hostile, Sep 2, 2013.

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    Why limit the audience, we could make it screen savers, wall paper, avatars etc. Oh the possibilities!

    We could replace the standard Rowdy with Hostile twerking!
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    In addition to what T says above I should like to point out that the early part of our schedule was considered brutally tough. The % between the first 8 games and the last 8 was the biggest difference in the NFL last year by far. We had the hardest first 8 games and the 3rd weakest final 8 if I remember right.
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    I forgot to note that Dan Connor was manning the middle for us, and wrongly attributed that to Poppinga. He was actually outside for Carter. So much more improvement in 2013.
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    I remember late in the season last year saying that everyone is going to use the injuries as an excuse. We didn't play well at all last year on defense and offense. Sure the offense racked up a lot of yards but were pretty bad in the red zone. The defense was inconsistent at best and predictable. Seemed like whenever Ryan blitzed, the opposing QB beat it with a TD throw.

    Changes in the coaching staff, improvements with the starters on the OL have me optimistic. However, if we have anymore injuries to the DL or OL our depth is "twerky".
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    Might have another "Arrival" with Waters supposedly joining the ranks. Any thoughts on the move Hos?
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    Yeah, I do have one thought on it. There's a certain cockroach who tried to mock a comment I made in one of my Landry Hat articles where I remained sure this deal was going to happen.

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    I figured you would remember that cockroach ;)
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    We had almost the worst pass D in the league (rating) every year Rob was a coach. He did not even remotely do an admirable job. He did just enough so that we weren't the absolute worst in the NFL
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    This is what I know. There is a flaw with the construction of this team. That flaw is what prevents them from moving past .500 ball. It starts with the players, but injury was not the reason this team could not get past the hump. This team is built in such a way that it is almost in a self destruct mode from the opening kick-off.

    Look at the truth.

    Trouble scoring in the red zone.
    Trouble with the running game.
    Trouble in the pass defense.
    Mental mistakes.

    These speak to the flaw in this team which has not been corrected by Garrett's RKG, nor Kiffin and Marinelli.

    The flaw is the way this franchise is built and where the money was spent.

    The defensive front will not dramatically change for the better because of a new scheme. It takes some new players for this squad to be more than it is.

    The money was thrown at the corner back position. This directly speaks to the lack of understanding by the GM who equates pass defense with cornerbacks when pass defense is and always will be defensive pressure on the opposing quarterback forcing mistakes.

    The game is skewed toward the offense in what I consider an unfair advantage. Pass interference is such an arbitrary rule and all the calls favor the receiver.

    Because the league wants more scoring.

    So having a backfield of Deion Sanders does not solve the problem if the quarterback can hold the ball until someone is open.

    But the defense is affected in another way, and this is where some, including decision makers on this team, seem to lose their way.

    The offensive line has a hand in pass defense in regard to running the ball. While so many claim this is a passing league now, and to an extent that is true. The running game is instrumental in keeping the defense honest and grinding out the clock. Play action does not work if the defense you face does not respect your running game.

    Keeping your defense off the field with offense that controls the clock is what causes your defense to be fresh in the final seven to ten minutes of the game.

    Thus when the GM of this franchise sees Romo run around and perform miracles, he sees a way to avoid building an expensive aspect - meaning offensive line. Just put more skill players out there and all will be well.

    But this is a team sport and rushing a defense back on the field after mistakes made because of or lack of protection, or no running game puts undue pressure on the Dallas defense. They tire out and this causes mental mistakes, and penalties.

    This is a domino effect.

    Now one of the stat-meisters here tossed out a stat which claimed the offense was something like sixth or seventh in the league with average length of drive (time). I don't dispute that stat at all. But I have to wonder if this person who put together this salient piece of information and came to a conclusion clock management was not an issue considered that out offense wound the clock down to seconds on every play. Everyone on this board has commented on that more than once. That would have a pronounced affect on those numbers.

    Now marry the fact that no running game means the defense Dallas faces can run an extra DB out there, and this clogs up the red zone and instead of sevens, this team puts up threes.

    Pressure is put on the defense when they cannot count on the offense to score the maximum amount of points available.

    Now factor in the turnovers created because of Romo being rushed and where are you?

    You are at .500 ball.

    Romo is both a blessing and a curse for this team. His skill set is amazing, yet because of decisions makers who do not understand the game is still trench warfare, he is not given the tools to succeed.

    The team counts far too heavily on miracles and not sound football that uses brute strength and intimidation over sandlot theatrics.

    As I have said, this team needs running backs to collectively achieve close to 1700 yards in rushing and Romo stay around 3700 yards in passing.

    It ain't sexy, but if managed correctly it will keep the defense fresh, limit mistakes, and perhaps turn the red zone into a green zone for Dallas because when you get there it is money.

    And this requires strong lines that can win individual and squad battles.

    Not seventy million in cornerbacks. But brute force at the defensive front.

    Not tricky schemes and living and dying off the blitz. But a front seven that can get after the other team.

    And while I really like T. Will, and think Escobar will eventually pan out, the offense really needed young Turks for the line and not a 36-year old guy who was on is Barco lounger day before yesterday or guys like Livings and Bernadeaux who were wasted money. (I said that last year when they brought them in, by the way)

    So when you look at this team and see where the money is spent...

    Scandrick - 20 million
    Austin - 40 something million
    Carr - 50 million

    The money is being tossed at the wrong positions and people are being overpaid who don't actually have as much to do with what causes this team to be a .500 ball club.

    This is why all the wishful analyzing in the OP sounds great and makes the hopeful full of hope.

    But I'd rather deal with the areas of the team that have a history of letting the franchise down, are still being ignored to a great degree, and not dream of championship parades when the fundamental aspect of why this team loses is still the basis for its current construction.

    More than most years this pre-season has a high potential of being a mirage and lack of pressure and lack of a running game and protection will again be the downfall of what could be a great team if managed correctly.

    Show me a defensive line that can put fear in the other guy's quarterback and an offensive line that can open running lanes and protect the quarterback and this team would be very very close, if not there.

    The problems have not been addressed and injury wasn't at the core of what was wrong with this team.

    9-7 at best.
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    9-7 at best? lol please

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