Depressing Playoff Stat: Warning: could upset you

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by coult44, Jan 13, 2014.

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    I dont need to. He's the owner. So get over the whole jerry Jones saga because he isnt going anywhere.
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    I didnt even quote you, Why are u mentioning me in your post? hmmm
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    What does the past 18 years all have in common besides mediocrity? I'll give you a hint, it's not Romo, Garret, or some other Joe, but this "brilliant" busisnessman of an owner we have, AKA Jerry Jones.

    He has seriously ran "America's Team" into the ground year after year, how much longer do we have to suffer as fans? You know you're at the bottom of the barrel when you're grouped with teams such as the Detroit Lions, or the Washington Redskins.

    Us fans can careless about a "brilliant" busisnessman, all we want is to be able to consistently root for our team in January, is that too much to ask for? I'd rather have playoffs appearances with a highschool field as the stadium, then to have the best stadium with no playoffs appearances.

    We don't want a businessman, we want an actual owner/gm whom knows how to successfully manage a franchise, I mean it's not like we're getting paid millions as well.
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    I predict Brady and Belichek retire together.
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    Exactly right.

    Both Brady and Belichek had a lot to do with each other's success. This was not a one way street.
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    Mmm-k. I hope you're at least seeing cool colors.
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    Typical answer from someone who can't back up the "I don't have a problem with JJ" arguments..
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    The saddest part of it all is that many of our own fans (including many on these boards) act like this isn't a big deal.

    "Hey, it's not so bad guys! 8-8 three years in a row! We've given ourselves a chance! We're on the cusp!"

    (chugs giant glass of blue Kool-Aid, flashes maniacal grin, puckers up to Jerry's left cheek)

    The ship be sinkin sunk.
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    If were going to be fair, and this might sound sacreligous, but Landry didnt win Super Bowls before and after Staubach either. And most people still consider him one of the greatest coaches that ever lived. Same with Lombardi with Starr and Knoll with Bradshaw. I would take BB as my coach any day of the week.
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    But JJ found Demarcus Ware. He has the best stadium in the world. He has the best art. He has an entertainment center with pole dancers and giant screens. He's a billionaire and he has tons of radio and tv time and input on the team. He makes all the socks to jocks decisions. He writes all the contracts through his boy and picks all the players. He's made a lot of players and coaches rich and all "love" him for it because they aren't pushed or prodded to improve during their tenure.
    Don't blame the owner/gm because he really wants to win.
    Only true fans can understand this.
  11. cajuncocoa

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    You're right. Very depressing, and not likely to get any better. I'd almost bet Detroit and Washington get there again before we do.

  12. CowboyFan4Eva

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    Someone else may have already said it. But i will say it again.

    BB doesn't put players on a pedestal.....

    Late for practice before our playoff season? You're done, go to IR.
  13. Double Trouble

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    Laugh at what? Our one playoff win in nearly 20 years? I guess you're operating under the premise that every owner goes on the radio and says what plays his team will run next week. Or goes into the lockerroom to address the team instead of the HC. Or goes to the sidelines and communicates with the HC to tell him who to take out of the game. Or has his team running through a bar on the way out to the field. Or has pole dancers throughout the stadium. Or hires the coordinators for his coaches. What is laughing in your face is Jerry Jones and your curious allegiance to a man who has admitted he hired the one legitimate HC he's had in 20 years because he wanted taxpayers to pay for his stadium. He's a one man circus, and he's worked to make sure the Cowboys organization is the biggest circus in sports.

    You just playing devil's advocate because you're bored? Why are those players you're referring to on the team? A lottery system allocates players to teams now? The NFL determines all free agent moves? Or, perchance, were all of our players the last several years selected by Jerry Jones, to say nothing of the coaches? Jones has said it many times, he makes the call. None of the players on the field are there without Jones' blessing. No way you can ignore that and blame "the players", when the crop of players we have now is failing, just as those before them did. If these players had a history of success, with the occasional hiccup, your point would make sense. Instead, your point makes zero sense because these guys have proven repeatedly they can't get the job done, and that the norm for them is mediocrity, topped off by a season ending collapse.

    It would take a fool to not see the difference in Cowboy personnel from the Jimmy Johnson years to now, preempted only by the Parcells years. You're right in one sense, it's mostly about the players. But why fans like you want to ignore the man who put them out there makes me doubt that they're being genuine.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    I hear ya... I give him credit for learning from his mistakes as head coach. Unlike Garrett.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Coaches covering for coaches.

    Fact remains they only lose Super Bowls now.
  16. Double Trouble

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    This is the most idiotic point consistently made by homers on this board. By your reasoning, why post about anything? Anything you or I say or think individually cannot directly affect the Cowboys owner or GM anymore than we can affect the safety position. So why would you discuss the safety position? Or the draft or special teams or coaches or other teams or anything else for that matter.

    If you, as a Cowboys fan, want to discuss things that matter about our team, there's little else to discuss. But while you're complaining about other people complaining about Jerry Jones, nothing changes the fact we won't have a consistently good football team in Dallas is he's running the show.

    On the other hand, you are right about him not going anywhere. Until his family wrests control from him or he assumes room temperature. And until then, all a Cowboys fan can do is watch teams like New England and San Francisco play big games while we reminisce about how great it was when Landy and Johnson had teams in their prime.
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  17. Double Trouble

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    Fact remains, Johnson said he was doing it.

    Fact remains that numerous people have said everyone was doing it. Fact remains the NFL knew this and said before the 2006 season to stop, which is the only season you can pretend that Belichick had some unique advantage.

    Would you wager he won't ever win one again? I certainly wouldn't. He has a team that has lost most of its best players to injury one win away from the super bowl, yet again. No NFL coach (other than Coughlin post 2006) has achieved anything even close to the sustained success Belichick has had in the salary cap era, before or after spygate.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Like I said. Coaches covering coaches butts. They didn't want a black eye in nfl.

    I applaud Belichick as coach. Wish we had him.

    Fact remains, when not cheating. He has only lost superbowls.

    Sure they could win this year... He may have to just to quell some of the spy gate stuff.

    I don't see it happening though.

    It's the broncos / Manning's year.
    Seattle might just be a team of dominant destiny.
    49ers want to get what they just missed last year.
  19. LatinMind

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    I have backedup Jerry arguments in plenty of posts. Maybe read some of them right in this very thread instead of just looking at ur alerts
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    Fact remains they still get to the Superbowl.

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