DeSean Jackson released - Go get em Jerry

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by bula, Mar 28, 2014.

  1. big dog cowboy

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    No he can't play defense.
  2. texbumthelife

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    I get no one wanting Desean. He is a clown on and off the field.

    I don't get people hating on TO though. He was a beast on the field for this team.
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  3. Jenky

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    It was meant to be.
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  4. Angus12

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    I wouldn't want him for the vet minimum. He is a great talent, and has speed to burn. But we don't need the off field headaches. No thanks.
  5. ninja

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    Carolina's HC Rivera said the team would be interested in Jackson. According to sources, Carolina Front office said heck no. I guess the Carolina GM and the Carolina HC need to sit down and have a talk. So, it looks like we have a GM/front office not giving the HC what he wants. Imagine that. You mean stuff like this happens on other teams? I keep hearing by many here that crazy stuff like that only happens in Dallas with GM Jerry and no where else in the NFL.
  6. thechosen1n2

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    Im not saying we should get him, but the last time we had a "headache" that was the best team we put on the field in years. Richard Sherman is a headache. Michael Irvin was headache. "Headaches" dont necessarily stop you from winning games and championships.
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  7. tyke1doe

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    So now we think sources are credible? :)
  8. EPL0c0

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    DeSean Jackson is what the media has tried to make Dez Bryant out to be. The difference is that Dez has manned up, has accepted curfews limits, and has a total team attitude.
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  9. Angus12

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    Those headaches were not closely affiliated with suspected murderers, either.

    One guy has a big mouth, the other cheated on his wife and did drugs. Slight difference, I'd say.
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  10. Wood

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    who ever gets him will get great value. I think he could sign 1 year deal for maybe 3 million. Not bad for 80+ catches, 1300+ yards and an amazing 60 receptions for first downs. I am not fan of person but he can transform an offense at this stage in his career.
  11. burmafrd

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    can't do that while rooming with fernandez
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  12. the_h0wey

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    I knew a thread like this would pop up...:mad:
  13. Wood

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    zero evidence of him committing crime or even being apart of gang. There was a three year investigation and zero evidence he did anything wrong. I am not supported the guy but lets atleast keep facts straight. Chip Kelly wanted him out of Philly because he didn't fit into his college program mold and he will be great value for some team. I suspect KC would be great landing spot.
  14. ninja

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    What is this a court of law?:) Yeah, some sources are credible, some aren't. 'Sources' first broke the story of possibly cutting Jackson weeks ago. Some laughed at the time.

    You can go to PFT and view it if you like. We'll find out soon enough. If you don't see Jackson in Carolina for a visit, then you got your answer.
  15. TwoDeep3

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    1. Other than dropping the ball before he crossed the goal line, and essentially rubbing the other team's nose in the Eagles beating them, what antic (not him being an Eagle) did he perform for you to think he is trouble?

    2. Outside of money, which of all the things going seems to be the least of my business, would this player help this offense?

    3. What would he do to Dez exactly? What characteristic would Dez learn from him that causes you concern?

    4. Name the off field incident that causes you to think he is a bad guy.

    5. If it's money, how is he different than T.O. in any other way? Both wanted to win but Jackson is much more well behaved.

    I am not advocating this guy, but his skill set along with Dex and TWill would make this offense scary good. Dallas pays him the money, and regardless they can afford him and Dez and Smith, and this passing game takes several major steps up.

    He's tough. He's competitive. He's got a great deal of Irvin in him. He stretches defenses to the max., and would surely be a force3 that frees up Dez and TWill, because you marry Witten, Escobar or Hanna, and toss in a running game with Murray, and this is a major league offense.

    And you still have the draft to fix the defensive side of the ball.
    So other than Dallas fans despise him, what are the exact reasons he would not be a player here?
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  16. Sydla

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    It's more than that. He rubbed teammates the wrong way, was getting in fights with assistant coaches (one of which was caught on camera during a game), showed up for meetings whenever he felt like it, etc. Shoot, even Vick kind of outed him saying that he hopes he gets his crap in order.

    That's exactly what the Cowboys need. Another prima donna who, best case scenario, will act like a ****** and be a problem in the locker room, or worst case, end up suspended or in jail. And his legal troubles might have little to do with his connections to gang members. There are also rumors coming out of Philly that he might be in trouble for insurance fraud over his house supposedly being robbed.

    Not worth the headache.
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  17. TwoDeep3

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    Please...erod....that was way over the top.
  18. Oh_Canada

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    Hell no.
    Don't like him as player.
    Don't like him as a teammate to Dez and the young wr's.
    Don't like him as a person.
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  19. TwoDeep3

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    Nevermind, I had not heard he was associated with LA gangs and murder.
  20. Sydla

    Sydla Well-Known Member

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    Here's a few:

    1) He's rumored to be a pain in the clubhouse. He has fought with coaches in the past, including one massive blow up that was caught on camera during a game. A few Philly beat reporters pointed out this is not the first time he had a meltdown on a coach at a game or a practice. Some even pointed out it was surprising that the Eagles cut Avant and didn't try to resign him to a friendly deal because Avant was the one guy who seemed to be able to control Jackson. Even Vick couldn't and he said so as much when he told the NY media that he hopes Jackson can get his crap in order.

    2) There are photos, posted by himself, on Instagram of him with gang members. He actually signed one as a rapper for his label. So while he might not be in a gang himself, he makes no bones about the fact that he has both acquaintences and business relations with known and alleged gang members. He's also posted pictures and been caught flashing gang signs himself. Those connections alone are a major headache.

    3) There could be another legal issue hanging over his head as well surrounding his house being broken into a few months ago. It's been rumored that he filed an insurance claim and he might have committed insurance fraud.

    4) He has a concussion history and is one big hit from spending a sizeable chunk of time injured. At his size, that's a concern.

    I know people don't like the Eagles but they are generally a solid front office. They have the cap space this year and it would make more sense to cut Jackson next year, not this year, for cap purposes. So if they are cutting a 1300 yard WR who really isn't a cap issue for them, then something ain't right.
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