Despite the drama, the Good Time Train is still on track

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by erod, Feb 1, 2013.

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    I see this off season as pushing all your chips into the middle of the table.

    The defense is being overhauled. If Ryan wasn't the guy, were there no other 3-4 defensive coordinators that could have kept the philosophy and not completely revamp the scheme?

    My concern is the time it will take to get up to speed for the players we retain.

    To play this sport it has to be second nature where your assignment puts you on every play. While there are some really good players, there will be a learning curve.

    This is why I was opposed to changing horses in mid stream.

    We all talk about the window of opportunity this team has. Meaning this squad.

    If Ryan was a distraction, then could they not have found another 3-4 coach and maintained a semblance of consistency in defense and still improve?

    I don't believe this was a prudent move by revamping the defense and then changing play callers to boot.

    And this discounts the fact that a retooling of some players will be necessary, which adds to the burden of making these changes.

    So either this will be a brilliant stroke of genius and the team will make the play-offs and be a force, or they will again be a mediocre team to poor.

    I just don't see these changes as positive, but more a gamble, and there will be no middle ground between feast or famine.
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    Again, good write up. The historical part is fabulous. I just fail to see why/where the part about the present isn't just mere speculation.
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    JoborOne. I agree most teams don't stay on the cusp. I just look at our lineup, our aging talent and say this is the one team that could defy that logic. We shall see. But I will point out that I'm right more than I am wrong. History will show you that.
  4. Idgit

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    It'd be interesting to take a poll someday, see how many of us think we're right more often than we're wrong. I bet it's significantly more than half of us.
  5. TwoDeep3

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    Be certain to add to your results all those names of posters who found fault with the ones who questioned the moves over the last two seasons when they suggested this team would be an 8 win season.

    Seems the issues this site is going through creates a great deal of amnesia.
  6. CowboyMcCoy

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    Woosh with the sarcasm. But it'd be interesting to collect actual data on who is right more than wrong. I'd bet I'd be up there, joking aside.
  7. CowboyMcCoy

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    Dude, this site has had selective amnesia for a long, long time. If you don't know that, then you haven't been paying attention to who got the invite and who didn't, etc. O, how we forget. ;)
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    Guess I'm in the "getting old and grumpy" crowd as well, because to me, your post is spot on.

    Lack of team identity, on both sides of the ball, the totally illogical attempts at addressing up what was absolutely viewed as a critical area of weakness going into last offseason, the throwing of money at unprovens and past their prime... I've seen this before... I thought I was the only one who wondered if part of our draft strategy is to draft at least two players who are currently rehabbing or will be after the draft. I've seen this before...

    Culture change? Players missing assignments routinely keep playing way past what is acceptable in my view. Absolutely I follow no team like I follow my Cowboys, but how many times have I watched games featuring certain teams generally accepted as "quality" teams - quality being defined as routine playoff participants (e.g., pats, steelers, giants) - and heard the announcers speak of how so and so isn't playing because he put the ball on the ground, or doesn't know his assignments?

    The process? I guess more than anything I view the "process" as "coachspeak" based on what I mentioned in culture change. Don't really know that I see anything substantial being formed or improved. I've read many point to the second half of the season - but I also remember in the first half of the season when we were getting beat everyone saying "wait til the second half of the year when the quality of opposition goes down, maybe we can salvage something..." The process also, I guess, entails Jason learning how to consistently manage a game to win, i.e., make those 3-4 decisions per game in clock management, or team direction, which turn most games one way or the other.

    I, too, think the OP's historical perspective was great. Unfortunately, I don't see us as having transitioned to Garrett, I see us as having come full circle with Jerry once again at the fore. As I said, I've seen this before. God bless him, he's trying his best, but he simply will never do right by himself, the team or, this fan, at least, as long as what's most important is not only that he gets the credit, but that he gets proclaimed as being somehow, ahead of the pack or smarter than everyone else. See drafting injured players. See hiring OC with less actual coaching experience than most high school football coaches and then promoting him to HC, although body of work to date does not warrant it. So now make moves to try to fix what logically (to me anyway), is not working, by revamping responsibilities, hiring new coaches, arbitrarily changing schemes, and, as was said, flipping the script daily on whose idea was what. If the man himself said that he would fire a GM with the results he's had, yet will not relinquish his hold on the position and allow a proper chain of command, that says to me that what's most important to Jerry is that we win his way, not that we win.

    So basically, to sum up, not seeing a big turnaround here, either. Even though I really like some of our young guys. I just worry they're going to be the next generation of players not done right by the organization by their careers being wasted, ala Romo, Ware, Witten, while Jerry tries to figure out the next way to "beat" the system.
  9. CopenhagenCowboy

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    Excellent post. I agree with almost all of it.

  10. Beast_from_East

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    Yea, the Wade era was terrible.

    We only won 2 division titles and a playoff game under him in 3.5 seasons.

    Boy genius has been here 2.5 seasons and can barely sniff .500

    But lets get back to crapping on Wade and how horrible a time that was.:rolleyes:
  11. big dog cowboy

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    Not specifically pointing the finger of blame at injuries but you can't deny that was a major contributor that derailed last year. Not sure how Garrett is supposed to overcome that when there isn't any depth from horrible drafting prior to his being named HC.
  12. Beast_from_East

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    I dont remember us being 5-0 or 6-0 before the injuries hit. Like Jerry said, we got beat by Seattle and Chicago and we were pretty much full strenght. So I dont see how our season was derailed by injuries, we were getting beat by the good teams before the injuries ever started.

    My bigger point however was that folks act like Wade was the worst thing that ever happened to this team and how thankful they are he is gone and Garrett is here. I am just saying that based on results, Garrett has done and accomplished jack compared to Wade.

    Regardless of how you felt about Wade, he did win division titles and a playoff game. Currently, Dave Campo and Jason Garrett are the only head coaches in the 53 yr history of this franchise to never reach the playoffs.
  13. burmafrd

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    wade was not a bad HC. Mediocre in some ways and not bad in others. But his problem was his inability or being not allowed (probably more inability) to really focus the team and have it working solidly together. They could do it for brief stretches (after 2007) but never for very long and they would collapse. And of course discipline.

    It is telling that Red Ball has had 2 full seasons and a part of a third and he keeps falling short of the playoffs in late season collapses.

    That has to change next year or he is gone. And should be.
  14. Vertigo_17

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    I agree. We should be better assuming we can stay somewhat healthy, but if not then I could see Jerry really blow it up and set us back a few years in terms of having to rebuild
  15. Zordon

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    The train is about to go off a cliff b/c Jason is going to be fired at the end of next season. I think the Giants, Eagles, and Saints will all be better next season so making the playoffs will be difficult with so many glaring holes on this team.
  16. Idgit

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    I'm not certain they'd fire Garrett categorically if we don't make the playoffs. They likely would, but I could see circumstances where they keep him anyway.
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    I'm curious why you think the Eagles are going to be better team next year? They have a qb in Foles, who doesn't fit Kelly's offense, a bad Oline, and a overall, bad defense. They will be a team transitioning in the next year or so imo.
  18. jjktkk

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    This I do not see. IMO, next season, its playoffs or out the door for Garrett.
  19. Trajan

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    I tend to agree, but with Jerry logic can take a back seat to impulse.
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