Details Unfolding in Chris Henry's Death

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    The article link above has audio and video of the 911 calls and pictures of Chris with her and their kids, the truck at the accident site, and tire marks where she left the driveway and he jumped in.

    Chris Henry threatened to kill himself as girlfriend drove off, witness says

    Details emerging in accident that killed Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver

    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - In the last conscious moments of Chris Henry’s life, the Bengals wide receiver begged the woman who has been credited for helping turn his life around to stop so they could talk or he would kill himself, a witness said.

    Charlotte-Mecklenburg police verify that a domestic dispute jump-started the turn of events that led to fatal injuries Henry sustained after falling from a moving pickup Wednesday. Henry, who had a troubled past, was on medical leave visiting with his fiancée Loleini Tonga’s family when the fight began Wednesday afternoon.

    They were to be wed in March.

    Tonga’s neighbor, Lee Hardy, was perched on a 15-foot ladder cutting back some trees when he saw the yellow pickup “zooming” up the Tongas’ gravel driveway just a few yards away. Hardy said a shirtless black man clung to the top and side of the truck while standing in the bed, begging her to stop the vehicle.

    “He was banging on the top, on the doors, screaming at the lady, ‘We need to talk,’” Hardy said. “He said, ‘If you take off, I’m going to jump off the truck and kill myself.’”

    Hardy said she stopped, hesitating at the end of the driveway, and took off.

    Soon afterward, emergency dispatchers got at least two calls to 911.

    One came from a woman driving behind the truck.

    “I’m driving behind a yellow F-150, there’s a black man on it with no shirt, he’s got his arm in a cast,” the woman reports. “He’s beating on the truck … I don’t know if he’s trying to break in it or something crazy.”

    Then this call: “I need an ambulance now,” a man said when he called dispatch. “There’s a man laying in the road … he looks dead, there’s no movement.”

    The caller goes on to tell emergency dispatchers that a crowd of people were standing around Henry. Someone was taking his pulse.

    The spot where Henry hit the pavement was just a half-mile from Tonga’s family home.

    According to police, Tonga stopped immediately and rushed to his side.

    “She pulled the vehicle over to get out and help,” said Charlotte-Mecklenburg police spokeswoman Officer Rosalyn Harrington.

    No charges have been filed by police in connection with the incident.

    “Even though this is a high-profile case, we are treating it like any other case in Charlotte,” Harrington said.

    About 6:30 a.m. Thursday, after hours of hoping and praying by family, friends and fans for a miraculous recovery, Henry died at Carolinas Medical Center south of downtown Charlotte.

    He leaves behind three children. He and Tonga had two children together, Chris Jr., 2, and DeMarcus, 1.

    Few details of the police investigation have been released.

    As national media flocked to Charlotte, neighbors of the Tonga family watched the situation unfold outside their front doors.

    Hardy said the Tongas have been great neighbors, occupying three properties that surround his. The Tongas’ son often mows his grass without being asked, he said.

    The Tongas, a Mormon family with ties to Fort Bragg, are very close, Hardy said.

    He and other neighbors mentioned that the family invited them to large luaus at their home with roasting pigs and hula dancing.

    “They came and got my girls for trick-or-treat and a big Easter egg hunt,” said Jamie Dunn, who is friends with Loleini Tonga’s sister and lives across the street.

    “They are just a really friendly family,” Dunn said.

    Neither the Tongas nor the Henrys have released statements to The Enquirer since Henry died. Henry’s agent David Lee said they are destroyed by his death.

    The injuries he sustained are a mystery at this point. Hospital officials would not even say Henry had been treated there Wednesday.

    According to an investigator with the local medical examiner in Charlotte, Henry’s body had not been received by their office or the morgue by mid-day Thursday.

    Once the body is received, preliminary details like cause of death may be available as soon as Friday, she said.

    Charlotte bartender and sports fanatic Al Harris recalled other tragedies that have befallen on athletes in Charlotte, N.C.

    He rattled off tragedies like Fred Lane, a Carolina Panthers running back who was shot and killed by his wife in July 2000; and Bobby Phills, a Charlotte Hornets basketball player who died street racing after practice. There’s also Rae Carruth, a former first-round pick of the NFL’s Carolina Panthers who was convicted for hiring a hit man who shot and killed his pregnant girlfriend.

    “I‘m telling you,” Harris said. “Charlotte’s cursed.”
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    RIP Chris.
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    Man that sucks.

    I wonder if she was planning on calling the wedding off and he panicked, knowing he was about to lose the best person in his life?
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    I had also read that Henry was upset about the costs of planning the wedding. That stuff alone is very stressful and im sure getting injuried didn’t help.

    Sometimes it’s best to just let the other person go and defuse the situation. Really sad story...feel bad for everyone in his family and the fiance.

    Meanwhile, the folks at that Henry and Tongas had met with a wedding planning company the day before the accident, and that he was "annoyed" and "aggravated" by the cost of planning the wedding. A representative of the company told TMZ that the couple "bickered" over the details, and that Henry eventually walked out.

    They were due to be married on March 15.
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    This is so so disturbing to me. I hate needless deaths. It really hit home when I saw the the silly always happy go lucky OchoCinco at a lost for words...And what now. There are 3 little boys without a father, and Parents without there child waaaaay waaaay to soon.

    All I can think about is Chris why would you jump on a moving truck, and whatever her name is why would you not stop the truck.:bang2: Truly Disturbing.
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    I wonder if there was another woman involved. Based on her blog, she was really looking forward to getting married.

    I don't know her background or her temperment, but, in general, for women to get that teed off to run away from a man, she is either scared for her life or she was mad after finding out her boyfriend/husband/lover was cheating.

    Not saying this is the case, but I do wonder what made her bolt like that. Usually, it's the man who does that.
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    To be honest, that was my very first thought, as well.
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    Well, women do get touchy about their weddings and wanting it to go exactly right. But I don't understand why Henry would try to stop her and jump on a moving truck. Why not just wait for her to cool down? :confused:
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    I read on a gossip site not-TMZ that she's pretty high-tempered and has a drinking history. And has been known to start fights with boyfriends and whatnot.

    Re: her wedding, she had 15 bridesmaids and at least 4 maid of honors. It sounded like she was going to have the wedding of a lifetime.

    Sad business all around. Nothing is worth losing your life over.
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    I read somewhere that she may have been messing around.
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    so he pretty much killed himself????
  12. Maikeru-sama

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    According to the article, he yelled that he was going to kill himself if she didn't stop the truck. It appears that she did stop for a brief second and then started driving again.

    Not sure if he let go or just lost his grip.

    THUMPER Papa

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    I read somewhere that you may really be Danny Snyder's son and possibly a Redskins fan, not sure where I read that though. :rolleyes:
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    It's always sad to hear somebody died, but if you jump on to a moving vehicle you're bound to get what you're asking for.
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    Pretty stupid crap on both their parts. Well, he's dead now and she's left to raise 3 babies. What a shame.
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    nice tag thump.

    and people wonder where rumors come from. no one wants to be patient for the story to come to them, so they go make up their own.

    besides, i heard the 3 midgets were in and henry was trying to talk her into something unusual. :eek:
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    Sounds like the rest of us, Chris had some issues that he wasn't able to overcome, havn't met anyone without their own "Demons". Though some will look past their own imperfections to then feel free to judge him.
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    Tonga sounds like a ton of *****
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    well he got what he wanted
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    If My chick was clinging on the back of my truck telling me if I dont stop she will kill herself. I would pull over and talk about it. I wouldnt risk it. people can be real stupid sometimes so it's better to play it safe.

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