Dez Bryant already breaking hearts!!!

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by lqmac1, Jan 6, 2011.

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    I visit a website called "" sometimes.... just to entertain myself, and look what I came across. The website is a reality blog site that talks/and makes fun of ordinary ppl not celebs with, pics, info, "dirt" ect. The submissions are by peers not media, so it's pretty accurate.

    Dez Bryant Trying To Be A Lil Player

    Posted in Dallas, Dirty Athletes, The Dirty | January 6th, 2011
    THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I met Dez Bryant through Twitter..he sent me a text…and we texted each other a few times..we never heard he had a girlfriend, he never mentioned it. He asks me for a picture through a text, I sent it…he asks me where I live since he lives close to me.. He made it seem like he was interested and one day he says on his twitter…My girl is taking good care of me..if he was a GOOD guy, why is he sending me a text so i can have his number and then ask for a picture…and then where i live..He should of just said… I am in a relationship from the beginning.. Now I wanna spread his cell phone number so every girl can sweat him and his girl can find out!! I still have his number but we havent talked since.. I swear athlete’s take advantage of their position. If he wasnt “famous” he would be sweating me like every guy that sees me!

    Email me his number and I will post it to save other girls lives.- nik
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    ITT: Ugly girl with overinflated opinion of self wonders why Dez didn't want her for strange, and contacts website to complain.
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    Maybe he didn't like your picture :muttley:
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    See that picture of Dez above?

    Yeah...that's probably what he was doing the whole time this idiotic woman was bothering him. Trash.
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    Sounds like shes more offended he didn't press her further.

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    I had a client whose ex wrote about her on that site. I think he posted anonymously under other aliases too to rip her. The owner of the site doesn't really check facts, you can post whatever you want there.

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