Dez Bryant has got nothing on Peyton Manning

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by kramskoi, Oct 28, 2013.

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    BTW, check out the rookie expressions:

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    We do know what he said, because we've been given an account by Tony Romo.

    But in this case Tony Romo is just covering for Dez, because he is "noble"... you see how that plays out?
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    I agree. Witten was screaming back at Dez as well. He lost his cool obviously. But we don't hear one thing about Witten losing his cool, swinging his helmet around. We don't hear one thing about Witten screaming at a teammate.
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    To me this is simple. If the guy is on your team he's being passionate & oh well. About time somebody blew up.

    If he's on another team he's whiny & causing trouble.
  5. Galian Beast

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    I think you missed the point of why I posted this quote.

    The point is, if you want to be a leader, you've got to take it to the team and get them to listen.

    This team is lethargic and apathetic, they need someone to bring them out of it.
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    didnt miss your point at all but in this thread you are saying stuff like:

    "I wouldn't say this goes as far as overt racism, but just deep seated racial stereotypes manifesting in how the situation is perceived.
    If Romo or Witten had done this it would have been completely different, but Dez is seen as just some "uppity" young black man who doesn't know his place. If you check out First Take's impression of the brady argument, they all sided with Brady, and blamed the coach... "

    so i am pointing out that the way people are reacting to Dez has little to do with his race and i gave you 2 examples of non-whites who have been lauded for doing the same

    perhaps it is his petulant behavior and not his race?

    just a thought
  7. Galian Beast

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    Maybe I missed your first example, but the reason why is because baseball is a completely different sport than football. David Ortiz isn't in remotely the same position as Dez. Baseball has a very different leadership dynamic, and David Ortiz is also much older than Dez.

    In football the coaches are predominantly white and the quarterbacks are predominantly white. Generally they are seen as the leaders of the team. Not many black offensive players are seen as legitimate leaders of their team. You can be a leader on defense, but if you're a black player on offense you don't usually get that leeway.

    Young black men are seen as immature and irresponsible. And that stereotype is blown up further when it comes to wide receivers.

    Most people acknowledge that if Romo or Witten had done this, they would be seen as showing some serious leadership.

    You can disagree with me completely, as I'm sure you will, but I believe this is the reality of the situation.
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    my first example was about Ray Lewis and you said "well, he is on defense"

    with ortiz "he is playing baseball"

    point is, there is always a reason to excuse bad behavior if you look for it

    Dez behaved poorly in public and his head was not in the game because of his temper
    that is not good
  9. Galian Beast

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    You see these reasons and you dismiss them because they don't fit your beliefs.

    Explain to me why most wide receivers in the nfl are black and why most quarterbacks in the nfl are white.
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    There are always exception, but the attitude towards Dez exemplifies a typical attitude towards certain types of outspoken individuals.. Dez has been painted as that type of individual from the very beginning.
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    How does one even attempt to tackle that topic without upsetting a whole lot of people?
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    i dont want to get into a race debate because it is against forum guidelines and is always a touchy subject

    will end this by saying that i am not white
  13. Galian Beast

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    Like I said, not everyone getting on dez is white, and not everyone defending him is black. This goes to a subset of thinking that our culture has created. People have shown many examples in this of white players doing much worse than what dez did, as they weren't being positive, they were legitimately just having temper tantrums. Yet they are not demonized as Dez is.

    I'm not sure what is to get upset about. I believe we all know the answer to that question. Until more recently, black kids weren't put in positions to be quarterbacks high schools, which means less black quarterbacks in colleges, which means less in the nfl.

    The question is why? And for a long period of time it was because people had the notion that black men weren't smart enough to run an offense or read a defense.

    And that goes to the point of how a young black wide receiver can get so much animosity for doing something many white players in leadership roles have done. If Dez was 32... maybe he would have gotten away with it, because you can shed stereotype over time. If DeMarcus Ware had done it, being on defense maybe he would have gotten away with it (though being injured maybe he wouldn't have). But if Garrett, Romo, or Witten had done it... absolutely would have been praised. I think that is telling.

    We've had multiple threads on this board asking for Romo to yell at people... MULTIPLE threads.
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    Yeah, I have never seen Manning go off like this. F bomb city. He goes after Saturday like nobody's business! Whew!
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    i remember that thread vividly... the general forum opinion was something like:

    Tony Romo should not have negative body language and pout on the sideline (after recievers run wrong routes and oline miss a million blocks) instead he should show "passion" and yell at people for "accountability" purposes.
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    Hey Aikman used to rail. I got the Dallas Cowboys DVD's and he was'nt afeared to give it the guys like Manning did. When the blocking was bad, or Bush league as he would call it, look out!

    I am not saying that it is something you want to see from Dez every Sunday but he ain't the first player to f-bomb on Sunday and he surely won't be the last. The game is full of passionate players like Manning and Brady. Manning was miked up for that game and surely he would have known that his rant would come out. He just freakin snapped.
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    I support Dez and his passion to Win.

    We need that when we have such a depleted D that the O has to put up great numbers to even be competitive.

    The media now have what they want " alleged ( major emphasis on alleged ) controversy within the team they love to hate"... It's like getting their Christmas present early...
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    It's a good thing I never made it to the NFL, because I'd be labeled the biggest crybaby in the league. You should see me at the company kickball games.

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