Dez Bryant Is Growing Up Before Our Eyes

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cowboys&LakersFan, Nov 18, 2012.

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    Dez Bryant has become quite the scape goat in Dallas with the Cowboys. At times he does deserve criticism. He's not a perfect football player or person, but who is? Some people have acted like he's a horrible player when that hasn't been the case. He had a phenomal rookie season. In 12 games he had 45 catches for 561 receiving yards and 8 total touchdowns. The next year he had 63 catches for 928 yards and 9 touchdowns. Let's not forget he missed all of his senior season in college due to suspension.

    Listen you can say whatever you want about his route running needing to get better which it does, but the bottomline is this guy is having a spectacular season. Today he had the game of his life. 12 catches for 145 yards and a touchdown. On the season in 10 games he has 57 catches, 735 receiving yards, and four touchdowns. Yeah I know he needs to get in the end zone more, but that's a team problem. In his first two seasons in the NFL Dez only had one game of having 100 recieving yards or more. This season he already has three. This guy has special talent. He can be the best receiver in the league or at the very least in the discussion. Now you're starting to see him be more and more consistent every week and it's great to see because they gave him #88 for a reason. I wouldn't say Dez is an elite receiver just yet, but he's on the verge. I'm so happy this guy is on this football team.
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    You really wanted to get the above point across didn't you... :D

    I agree with you...
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    Yes he had a great game, and having a very good year.
    Hopefully some of the negative people will give him his due credit.
    Without the little side remarks or the "but" in the phrase.
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    GOOD POST. :bow:
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    I really do like the growth Dez has been showing on the field this season. He seems to be playing under more control than in season's past and he is not pooping out by halftime. He seems to be just as effective in the second half as the first half this year.

    The one thing I've been a bit disappointed is how many contested balls he has dropped this year as this was supposed to be a major strength of his. He actually showed much better concentration on such plays last year than this year but I hope it will come.

    I also think Romo and Dez are close to honing in on those deep balls. They have two deep ones for TDs the past two weeks as well as a couple of other deep ball receptions. They also were just a step off from having a couple more and this element of his game would vault him into discussion of top 10 WRs in the game.

    I'm still hoping that everything will finally start clicking for him down the stretch. I've been quite impressed with his progression from last year.
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    And so are you!
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    I'm so proud of Dez: HE REACHED A PLEA DEAL ON HIS "I PUNCHED MY MOM" CASE, and had a great game today. He's really growing.
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    And yet, he still managed to make an utterly bizzare business decision to walk backwards out of bounds a yard short of the 1st down, when he had ample space and time to fight for more yardage. Face it, if we lose this game Dez is getting blown-up on here for that one.
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    Yeah, that was the only time today I jumped up and screamed at the TV. My sons were telling me to settle down. I wanted to hurt somebody.
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    he does seem to be playing better and im hopeful it will continue. He was the featured receiver today and he produced.

    About the drops on deep passes. From what i have seen the drops appear to be due to trying to catch the ball when his body is not in great position to make the catch. Ive noticed the drop looked like he jumped too soon and his body was in such a position that looked awkward - instead of seeing him reach out towards the ball to snag it, it looked like it was coming in on him and it looked like it hit his forearms or hit off his arms and not his hands and it just looked awkward. I saw the same thing on at least one other TD pass either last week or against the falcons - very similar..

    Both plays were not plays were he had to vertically jump over a defender and snag it with his hands, but were plays where he had to make the catch with a defenders body close to or against his body and he could not get his hands or arms where he wanted them.

    Also, on the drop today - dierdorf i beleive said the ball was underthrown.

    But i would like to see Dez learn to make that adjustment to catch the ball when a defender is tangled up with him.
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    But we didnt lose this game #yabish
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    Lol exactly what I was thinking. He's a great talent, that's never been in question. He's just an idiot. As long as he stays out of trouble then i'm glad to have him, but if he keeps making dumb decisions, then I'd rather get rid of him. As of now though, he's playing ball and had a great game today.
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    Not a top 30 wr neither is austin
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    whatever, we are talking about his play as a wr improving. But keep posting about this plea deal for the next 10 years because it is something that cant be erased.

    I think its obvious the original poster is talking about Dez improving his play over the last few games, but you felt the necessity to bring up the results of something that happened prior to this season starting.

    I think there is already a thread for that.
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    Game, set, match.

    Well played.
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    Dez Bryant is finally becoming dependable... Still would like to see more clutch catches.
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    You're probably right, but it was the phrase "growing up" that spurred my comment. I admit that I don't believe in separating who a person is from their potential as a player. Michael Irvin might have been a crazy *** cocaine using adulterer, but I'll guarantee you he'd never hit his mom. A dude that does that is messed up at the core. Outside of some major psychological/ spiritual turn around, the trajectory of that guy's life as a person and player won't end well. That's my opinion, and I'm sorry if it sounds judgmental. It's just the way I believe.
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    How many yards and td's does Dez need before he's considered fully grown?
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    please show us your list of the 30 that are better......

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