Dez vs Calvin vs AJ

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by cboyd, Mar 26, 2014.

  1. cboyd

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    I came across this video. In what order do you have them ranked?

    I have them right now as:
    1. Calvin (best reciever in the game right now)

    2. Dez (coming very close to calvin and possibly pass him one day as the best)

    3. A.J. (great reciever but I have seen both Dez and Aj play in person in college and even then aj was not on the same level as dez in my opinion.)
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  2. Wood

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    1. CJ
    2a. Dez
    2b. Green
  3. The Natural

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    I think this coming season Dez will have something to say about being the best WR, as of now though I'd put Calvin first followed by Dez and then AJ. I'm hopeful that with this Detroit playcaller coming in Dez will be given the same opportunity that those two have had to consistently make plays for this team instead of being a designated goal line target while ignoring him the other 80 yards. An opposing defense should never be able to just scheme an elite talent out of the game
  4. fffiasco

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  5. Cowboys606

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  6. perrykemp

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    CZ was full of these kinds of posts last off-season as well.

    Best I can tell Dez had the 13th most yards in the NFL despite playing for a team that really didn't have established #2 WR.

    He was one of the leading TD scorers, which is a big positive.

    I personally don't see Dez having any chance of being #1 -- he is big WR that doesn't have top end speed and because of it takes a lot of big hits.... add to that he refused to go down and he ends up with a fair amount of nagging injuries the most recent of which seems to be his back issues.

    IMHO, Megatron is #1 and you can throw Dez in the a general grouping of WRs after Megatron including AJ Green, Demaryous Thomas, and Alshon Jeffrey.

    Also keep in mind Megatron didn't lead the league in receiving last year -- Josh Gordon did. If Gordon turns in another season like he did last year you'd probably have to rank him ahead of Dez -- especially considered the putrid set of QBs Cleveland had throwing to him.
  7. perrykemp

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    This year is going to be Dez's 5th year in the league so it's time to establish himself.
  8. dexternjack

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    1. Calvin
    2a. Green
    2b. Gordon
    2c. Julio
    2d. Dez
    3. Thomas
    4. Jeffrey

    If Dez played for Denver, GB, NO or the like, he could easily be #2 solo IMO.

    Whatever order we debate, it is time for him to step to the next level and separate himself.
  9. ceerrece

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    1.- Calvin Johnson
    2.- Josh Gordon
    3.- A.J. Green
    4.- Dez Bryant, Julio Jones.
  10. perrykemp

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    I guess I strongly disagree with the statement Dez is "very close" to Megatron.

    My $0.02 on this topic is that we've seen plenty of examples (including recently with the Cowboys) when teams put 3 guys on CJ and he still comes down with the ball. Basically, more than any other WR I've ever seen, CJ is always open to an extent due to his speed / height combination.

    Dez on the other hand seem have some troubles with double coverage which is perfectly normal since double coverage will affect any good WR.

    I guess where I am going with this is Megatron has the most impressive physical characteristics I've ever seen for a WR. Dez has nice height, ok speed, great hands but is in the ballpark with AJ, Demaryous, Alshon,and even Julio Jones.
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  11. yentl911

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    Calvin is a freak of nature and maybe one of the top two or three most athletically gifted WRs of all time.
    Dez has as good ball skills but doesn't have the length.
    Julio is a beast. Great hands and great speed.
    AJ is gifted but I always think he is one good hit way from breaking in half. Looks so fragile to me. Super athlete.
  12. HappyOnions

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    Let's see if Josh Gordon can sustain his success past this season. There have been so many receivers who have had great years and then fizzled out shortly thereafter (Peerless Price, Mark Carrier, Michael Clayton, Brett Perriman, David Boston, Robert Brooks, Javon Walker, etc.)

    Calvin is # 1 without question.

    #2 is up for grabs with guys like Brandon Marshall, Bryant, AJ Green, Andre Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Demaryius Thomas, Julio Jones

    The 3rd tier of guys IMO, are guys like Victor Cruz, Desean Jackson, Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, Alshon Jeffery, Antonio Brown etc. I think Josh Gordon fits in with these guys as we currently speak.
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  13. theSHOW

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    I got DB ranked as #22

    He better bring up his game if he wants a contract next season. I'm all for trading him for picks while he is worth anything much.
  14. yentl911

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    I forgot about Jeffery. He is huge and has incredible hands. Sky is the limit for that kid. Wish we had him!
  15. XxTDxX

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    AJ Green
  16. HappyOnions

    HappyOnions Datwin

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    I think he's talented for sure, but he certainly benefits from playing opposite Brandon Marshall as well.

    I wouldn't be opposed to taking a Mike Evans or Marquise Lee in the draft to pair with would open up our offense a ton (which in all honesty, was not as good as some might think last year)
  17. cboyd

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    Could you say this about Jerry Rice? We all know that Jerry was considered to be the all time best reciever. What made him great was not his athletic ability. I can tell you in my opinion is that Dez is better than Calvin in the run after the catch and in the TD department. I still have Calvin ahead of Dez but to say that Dez does not have the potential to pass Calvin is a little crazy bc if you are just looking at athletic ability then Dez has plenty of that in all areas.
  18. HappyOnions

    HappyOnions Datwin

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    Question...and before I contradict myself, I should have put Julio in my 3rd tier of receivers...

    But why all the love for Gordon after one year? He had a MONSTER season but to already proclaim him as the 2nd best receiver in the league?
  19. Aven8

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    I might have that beast in Chicago jeffery on there soon.

    That dude is has the best ball awareness of any WR I've seen since Moss.
  20. cboyd

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    At the 4:50 mark watch the play vs GreenBay. He is basically tripled cover with Miles Austin being there bumping into dez. You can't get much better than that bc look at how much room he has to be able to come down with both feet in the end zone.

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