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    If you've got them name them. (if they aren't listed already!)

    I've gathered a few of this from Googling around and of course figured some out myself. Some just still exist from previous Diablo games.

    I originally had this is a LIST, but all the text ran together, so I removed the list and just separated them by a blank line.



    Instead of always clicking for the next position your character should move too, you can hold the mouse button down and he will continue to walk in the direction of your mouse pointer.

    If you are attacking with a range weapon, you can hold down shift so that if you miss clicking on the enemy he won't walk over to him. (ie, it holds him still while aiming towards your mouse arrow)

    Instead of continuously clicking on a enemy to attack it, you can hold the mouse down on the enemy and you will continue attacking.

    When playing multiplayer, all the loot that you see is yours. Your party members see their own, so don't feel bad about hogging it all. :) This doesn't include health orbs, (not healing potions) but you can grab those too as when you grab it, it heals the entire party.

    Sometimes it big fights, don't snatch up every health orbs that drops if you are already full on hit points. You might need it later in the fight. (no use in healing if you are already fully healed)

    If you hold CTRL button down while mousing over an item on the ground it reveals it's stats so you know if you actually want to pick it up or not.

    If your character can dual wield, it gives you a 15% attack speed bonus.

    Tapping the ALT key allows you to view all items names on the ground for 10 seconds.

    When you get a NPC (non-player character) to follow you, you can deck him out with better armor and weapons. You can also train his stats. Click on his picture in the upper left hand corner of the screen. (or right click it, can't remember)

    Don't sell Magic Items. You can take them to the armor guy and use his anvil to break them down and use that to make magic armor.

    Don't pick up worthless armor and weapons. They just take up slots and aren't worth a damn to sell.

    If you are always playing with specific friend of family member. Have one designated as the blacksmith and the other do jewel crafting. That way you get the most out of your efforts.

    Never leave a game when you are in a dungeon. It's always best to go back to town first.

    Click on everything. Books, Lecterns, etc. You can get experience from them.

    Don't forget to scan the floors with your mouse and bookshelves. You can pull them up or tear them down and find loot.

    Be careful chasing after the loot bandit guy. He won't have any issues running you right into a brigade of elites! Best thing to do is snare him then kill him fast. He drops loot and magic stuff.

    I don't know what this means yet, but: Elective Mode allows you to customize your skills without adhering to the categorical restrictions in the default mode.

    You can enable advanced tooltips in "Options" and see more details and statistics of your skills.

    You can look at your character close up by hitting the "Z" key.

    To see the health bar for all enemies on the screen, press "X".

    The easiest way to find the best items is by killing elite packs of enemies, not the bosses.

    Monsters scale up in health and damage output depending on the difficulty and the number of players in the game. You will not get more experience points for being in a game with more players. Instead, all players will do more damage. This differs from Diablo 2, which forced players to group up to gain experience at a reasonable rate.

    There are XP penalties to killing monsters 5 levels below your current level. If it's 5-10 levels, it's a small penalty. If it's more than 10 levels, you only get 5% of the XP. You get XP bonuses if you keep enemies up to 3 levels above you.

    High grade gems must be crafted. They cannot be found.

    Trader inventories can be reset by creating or joining a new game.

    You can teleport to another player creating a "town portal" then selecting another player.

    You can reassign / re-map keys to customize where they are. Including on the mouse. Especially if you have a gamer mouse with lots of buttons.

    You can earn money from the Real Money Auction House (RMAH) by selling your items there. In the RMAH, you have the option to earn "Battle Bucks" or cash it out through PayPal. "Battle Bucks" reside in your Battle.net account and cannot be cashed out. You can use "Battle Bucks" to buy items on the RMAH without spending real money.

    If you know some cool tips and tricks, don't forget to add them to this thread.
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    Not really a tip, more of an annoyance.

    I let my son roll a toon yesterday and his toon has access to all my toon's gold. It doesn't seperate out gold per character.
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    Also, I don't agree with not picking up non magic items. I always pick up everything and sell it. Especially now since you get a town portal.
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    I haven't actually used it. So it lets you go straight back to where you were too? That might be okay.

    You can spawn these at any time? Or do you have to have some stupid scroll or something?

    Even still. Doing it for 2-3 gold per item is more of a waste of time. I kill or break something and it drops 9-60g.
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    I only used it once but it worked just like the old scrolls but doesn't require a scroll. I don't know if there is a cool down on it.

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