Did Anybody See Garrett Chew Out Romo?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CowboyFan74, Sep 24, 2013.

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  1. The Natural

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  2. newlander

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    LOVE IT.....I think it went something like this: "RUN THE PLAY"
  3. TheCount

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    My recollection of that interaction is different, I don't think JG got that excited at all with Dez after the penalty. Knowing Dez, he was probably apologizing before JG could even get started.
  4. DandyDon1722

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    Sigh...it's just a terrible week for the ten percenters.

    He's the QB of our team and a good to great one at that. I truly believe there are people here who would rather see Romo have a bad game than us win. I wonder how much of it is really trolling.
  5. CowboysYanksLakers

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    Boy oh boy... SMH! Nothing on that video shows Garrett chewing out Romo!
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  6. hairic

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    Timeout lip reading:

    JG: "We got third and one here okay (we can make a?) first down..." *head is fully turned away from camera at this point as he finishes speaking*
    Wade Wilson: "... shotgun pass to Jason..." I can't tell and don't care.
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  7. StylisticS

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    I don't think this thread went the way the op intended for it to go. Lol.
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  8. McLovin

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    The video was choppy, but I thought I saw romo grab himself and tell garrett to ^/#$ &^. Then kick a dog. I would have thought that would have made a highlight reel as timeouts are rarely that eventful.
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  9. gdogg24

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    That's it? WEAK!
  10. Wolf2k5

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    Can't believe this thread even made it this far....
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  11. nake

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    Yeah, and if you watch closely, you can see the reason the play clock counts all the way down to 1 before the snap is whenever Romo hears a running play come in from his helmet speaker, he slips his hand into his pants to access a hidden cellphone, and sends a :rolleyes: to Garrett, then audibles to a pass.
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  12. Idgit

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    Sadly, on this topic, it really didn't.
  13. BanditHiro

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    wow a near 40 year old man still acting like a child...it's sad really...god bless your kids if you have any.
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  14. tecolote

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    Also, if you look closely, there is a second coach calling plays behind the grassy knoll at the side of the bench.
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  15. Ring Leader

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    Next time you get a hankerin' to bust out your hangin' rope, son, you may want to avoid your own neck. ;)
  16. rat2k8

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    Nothing here at all to see.
  17. BrassCowboy

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    I watched that exchange and I did not see anything as the OP described. Seemed like a pretty normal discussion.
  18. CowboyFan74

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    Ok homers I finally got a good video connection, re-watched it again, and here's a few things nobody wants to hear:

    As Romo was trying to hurry up and run another play all of a sudden Garrett slams on the brakes and calls a timeout. As Romo is getting close Garrett, at the very least looks very annoyed and as he's walking with Romo he's barking something at him and his head is bobbing.

    It could be that Garrett was annoyed with the headset because both times he speaks he moves it but the second time he seems a little more frustrated with it. It's also possible that perhaps they were having issues with the headset and that is why Garrett seemed so frustrated. Either way when I watched it on my TV on Sunday I rewound the DVR and played it three times because I wanted to be certain of what I initially saw.

    As I tried to watch it earlier today on my laptop the feed kept fading, it looked choppy, and it seemed different but not completely different.

    So this time I watched it again on my cell phone and it was very clear. It seemed shorter than when I watched it on my TV and I noticed I confused Wilson with the special teams coach, bite me. I wasn't focused on who Romo was talking to on the side, I was trying to see why Garrett called a timeout when Romo was trying to hurry up and run another play. I was also curious as to why Garrett seemed so angry or frustrated and why he got so animated, enough to start bobbing his head. Normally people don't start bobbing their head unless they are at the very least irritated..

    And I wanna leave you apologists with one last thing to chew on: When people quote stats over actual game time action, it comes off as if you don't watch the entire game or understand football. Like if you are just some numbers cruncher that never played football, especially the QB position. Don't talk to me about padded stats, talk to me about specific plays..

    The coaches don't go into the film room with the players and evaluate stats nowhere nearly as much as they scrutinize actual plays because stats only tell you a fraction of the story, their is no substitute for real life action.. Coaches evaluate player performance and game situations in the film room, not stats.

    And sports writers can't possibly watch every single game and then write convincing articles without leaning on highlight reels and stats because its impossible to watch every single game they write about. So like the casual fan, they rely on stats and highlight reels. In other words they don't watch the entire game, they get the cliff notes.

    Sooo when you quote stats instead of specific plays, you come off as a sports writer who only got the cheat sheet but didn't actually watch the entire game..

    My evaluation on Romo's play is not when he pads his stats against inferior teams but when he has to play at a higher level against superior competition, and when we need him to show us he's worthy of that insane contract and win those big games. The last time I was impressed with Romo was when we lost to the Giants in the playoffs where Crayton, Fasano, and TO all let us down.

    Against KC the previous week our Defense held KC to 17 points, Romo held us to 16. Romo had numerous opportunities to make plays in the passing game and during the greater majority of that he had ample time but came up small.

    In the earlier part of the game we had to settle for two FG's, one of which should have been a TD because we had our True #1 WR in single coverage near the goal line against a smaller CB he had been abusing handily. Romo also abandoned the run early when it was having some success because he abuses the audible. Hopefully the coaches continue to limit that and we lean a little more on the run from here on fwd.. I love my team more than one player and I hate losing games we should win and I especially hate losing do or die games, the one stat created especially for boy blunder that his apologists never want to talk about...

  19. Primetime42

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    Troll, troll, troll your boat...
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  20. 03EBZ06

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    smh at op trying to make something out of nothing, pathetic really.
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