Did Matty Ice & Tom Brady "Choke" in Romo Fashion?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WPBCowboysFan, Jan 21, 2013.

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    Not to mention that when defenses actually have to respect the run it makes throwing so much easier
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    Zack.. in time you will come around. I have seen many Romo homers come around. The latest one is Catch17, he gave me grief for 2 years here and now he is saying the same things I have been saying. I don't fault you for having the opinion that you do, heck, I once had the same opinion. Just keep watching closely. I will be routing hard for Romo and the Cowboys just like you... deep down I have lost all faith in Romo though.
  3. Blast From The Past

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    Those three are not chokers! This is a team sport and their teammates didn't do their part in all of their playoff losses. Now Romo on the other hand is a textbook definition of a choker you see. He and he alone has the responsibility to make sure the Cowboys win all their games no questions asked.:D
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    He wasn't under THAT much pressure. He had normal pressure like both QBs did.

    (this next statement is not directed at you, have to have my disclaimers now-a-days)

    I'm just sick of everyone comparing our NOTHING QUARTERBACK, to guys who are annually in the playoffs, and competing for Super Bowls. Romo apologists/excuses-makers are super annoying, I wish they all would go away and take Romo with them.
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    But I doubt they win those games leading up to it, with a lot of other QB's and especially Orton, as well. He was basically perfect in those wins, so with or without him, they wouldn't have made the playoffs anyway.

    I won't stand here and say Romo is one of the greatest. I know he has his faults but he has a lot of strengths as well and made some incredible plays over the years. I just find a lot of criticism thrown his way is just unbelievable, especially from some of the fans on this board who know a lot about football

    I'm not gonna try and compare him to someone else because it isn't fair to anyone. You don't know how someone's career would pan out being with another team, players, coaches and schemes.

    It is what it is with Brady and Rogers. They are very good QB's who have won and no taking it away from them. You just can't compare Romo to them and what they've accomplished.

    We also have to face the fact that if you aren't a Cowboys fan, you despise them. No criticism is going to be fair
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    The first time? See, this is what makes me crazy. I root for Tony every week, but I don't see for a NY minute Tony ever putting together 3-4 solid games in the play-offs.

    Reminds me of Danny White. Not in style, but in results, Danny would look like Heavens gift to the Cowboys for a couple games, then vomit pea soup and twirl his head in the next.
  7. Super_Kazuya

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    LOL, he's only played 4 playoff games, period. If you question if it's the first time, NAME the other times.
  8. Coy

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    That´s exactly what I´m trying to say, he may play like the best QB in football like he did from week 10 to week 16 or so but unfortunately he still can play and lose a game almost by himself like he did in week 17, Love him or Hate him, that´s Romo.
  9. DFWJC

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    And that's about right. It's not like was said earlier, that "he can just as easily lose the game as win it". No, he can win about 5 times as often as he can lose it. The question then becomes "is that good enough". Is a 5-1 ratio good enough..especially given the team around him?
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  11. Coy

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    Yep, although you wish that 1 bad game isn´t in a win or lose scenario like it was this year and frankly on a couple of other years as well, this isn´t to say he lost those games by himself, certainly not, but he hasn´t played very well either.
  12. davidyee

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    ...I don't understand why you are even here on this board or a fan of the Cowboys?

    Tens of thousands of posts and you are so miserable and vindictive to others who don't share your opinion. You say things above like you are "sick". Want posters to "go away". Listen to yourself!!! Seriously. This is a sports fan board and you have gotten yourself to this state.

    Do you actually have any friends? How can you spend so much time on this board with that kind of attitude and not have a coronary?

    You must not have any fingernails?

    I seriously suggest you find another team to cheer for. Go outside for some fresh air. Take up jogging. Exercise. Get away form the computer for at least two months.

    There is possibly a mental health term coined for the condition that you constantly find yourself in with regards to talking about the Cowboys and Tony Romo.

    You need to check out of being a Cowboys fan. Honestly. For the good of yourself and the rest of us.
  13. DavidAK

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    These stupid comparisons trying to find the silver lining with Romo are starting to get extremely annoying. I don't see this anywhere else besides this forum...Matt Ryan and Tom Brady had bad games in their respective Championship games...Why are we even talking about Romo again?
  14. DFWJC

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    I'd say he had three really bad ones this year and maybe a couple of others that were JAG level. The rest, he was very good.
    Regardless of the reasons, this year was subpar for him overall, no doubt.
    Put it this way, his good to bad ratio was probably not 5:1 until late in the season.

    Last year, when the Cowboys were really overmatched and also lost in the last game at New York, Romo survived a real beating and was not too bad.
    He 29-37, 2 TDs, 1 int and a 106 passer rating , all with a hand that looked like a football.
    But he was sacked 7 times--really battered--and Cruz started the game off witha 74 yard TD catch and run. it was over before it started really. The Giants never lost again.
  15. DFWJC

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    Clove's pretty funny when he's on your side. ;)

    Regarding Romo, I think he's way over-the-top. But people are fed up and when the next to last drive of the season ends in a pick, it brings up all those old memories as if it happens every week.

    Granted, the tone of Clove's comments on all topics seem to be a bit mean-spirited. But since I don't now him I don't know if he is actually a vile person.
    Like I said, when you have him in your corner, it's kind of fun for a change....in a morbid way.
  16. birdwells1

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    I checked and he's on the members list.
  17. ufcrules1

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    Whatever happened to the Cowboysandlakersfan? Haven't seen that kid in a long time either.
  18. davidyee

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    ...this being fun for any poster who gets riled up like that.

    The Jekyl Hyde mood swings would tell me that it is time to walk away.

    This is a freaking kid's game and people need to keep perspective. When you can't break the cycle of being demeaning to others then it is time to get out.

    I understand losing it on the odd post or thread, but if it gets to be a habit something has to be wrong with you that you can't accept the opinon of others or learn to respond in a constructive way.

    Just not worth it.
  19. Super_Kazuya

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    I agree wholeheartedly, I don't understand in this day and age. You can buy Sunday ticket and root for any team that you like. Pick a team with a few of your favorite players, or ones that went to your school. Pick a team with a coach you admire. I don't understand why you're going to sit there and make yourself miserable. I would not root for players that I woke up every day and spent valuable minutes of my life slamming. I would find a team to cheer for that I liked.

    Romo is about to re-up and be on board for another 4-5 years barring injury. It's a perfect time for some of you masochists to make a fresh start elsewhere. And for those of you who say you root for the laundry not the players, if you say that then you are rooting for JERRY. JERRY is the only constant on this team. He is the only thing that was here 20 years ago and will be here 20 years in the future. Why would you root for Jerry?
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    Nope. It's a team sport.

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