Did Matty Ice & Tom Brady "Choke" in Romo Fashion?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WPBCowboysFan, Jan 21, 2013.

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    Thanks, I don't keep track of the stats but the pain in my chest after each faux pas lets me know there was more than a few.
    For the rest getting upset my issue is his body of work, yes he has great stats over the years and as in past threads on here, what have stats gotten us. He is ok, maybe he wins one and I'll be as happy as all of you but I'm not holding out hope. Hope has been beaten, stabbed, and choked for me when it comes to the Cowboys, I like JG but think he needs to give up OC duties, Jerry needs to go... Somewhere, and Romo needs a line, and to quit throwing interceptions at the worst possible moments, at times when even I am asking why the hell did he throw the stupid ball, no pressure, out of the pocket (throw it away) or whatever, sometimes his bonehead plays are worse than Farvre's.
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    lol, don't take his word for it, he's a Romo hater who may be possibly mentally ill if you go by some of the things he says. How on earth do you compile a 102 rating, 31 TD, 10 INT season and only play good in 8 games? I don't even think you can fake the statistics for that. It's truly stunning some of the stupid stuff people say on this board.

    As soon as you stop defining "worst possible moments" retroactively as any game that Romo makes a mistake in, you will start to feel a lot better. If he plays well, the game is meaningless. If he throws an interception, it's suddenly the most important game of the season that matters most, even if it's a week 1 out of conference game. We need an IQ test for this board, pronto.
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    Hmm lets see..... Tom Brady 3 rings, yeah he's a choker. :rolleyes:
  5. KJJ

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    His 9 lives ran out.
  6. dupree89

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    Agreed. Tom Brady can go zero for the rest of his playoff games, he has earned a pass and has earned a first ballot trip to the Hall Of Fame.
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    The name you gave me was SDCowboys85 and when I enter that name into the search members field it says "sorry no matches."
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    Ryan consistently puts his team in a postion to be in the SB?

    The guy has exactly 1 career playoff win, the same # Romo has, stop counting bye weeks as Ws.......you sound like Wade.
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    Oh ok, my bad, its SDCowboy85. Without the "s".
  10. KJJ

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    I figured you were probably slightly off on his username it has to be exact for it to come up in a members search. I don't follow his posts I just remember him as being a big Romo homer. I suspected he took off due to Romo's latest choke job and sure enough his last post was in the Cowboys/Redskins first half game thread.

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