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Did Merriman even play

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Vertigo_17, Sep 12, 2005.

  1. Vertigo_17

    Vertigo_17 Well-Known Member

    2,274 Messages
    55 Likes Received
    Didn't see him or hear anything. Just wondering
  2. dguinta1

    dguinta1 Active Member

    898 Messages
    106 Likes Received
    I don' think so though not 100% sure.
  3. RedLine

    RedLine Member

    893 Messages
    19 Likes Received
    He was inactive for the game.
  4. JonJon

    JonJon Injured Reserve

    11,079 Messages
    275 Likes Received
    Reports are that he stayed in the locker room crying because in his heart he wanted to be a Cowboy and couldn't look Parcells in the eyes.
  5. dannyboy

    dannyboy Member

    366 Messages
    6 Likes Received
    they showed him on the sidelines in street clothes
  6. Vman

    Vman New Member

    315 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    Are you guys sure about this? NFL.com has him listed as having played.

    They most definitely do not have him on the inactive list.

    They show him as having played as a game substitution.

    Under the GameBook for San Diego:


    P 5 M.Scifres, K 10 N.Kaeding, CB 22 S.Davis, CB 25 J.Fletcher, S 31 H.Milligan, RB 33 M.Turner, S 42 C.Hart, RB/KR 43 D.Sproles, LS 50 D.Binn, LB 54 S.Cooper, LB 56 S.Merriman, LB 57 M.Wilhelm, G 68 K.Dielman, DE 78 D.Scott, WR 81 K.Osgood, WR 82 R.Caldwell, TE 89 R.Krause, DT/DE 93 L.Castillo, LB 95 S.Phillips, DE 96 D.Ball

    Did Not Play

    QB 17 P.Rivers, FS 24 J.Wilson, C/G 62 B.Hallen, T 75 L.Jordan

    Not Active

    QB 12 C.Lemon, FB 34 A.Pinnock, C 63 S.Mruczkowski, TE 80 L.Trusty, WR 83 V.Jackson, LB 92 M.Harris, DE 98 D.Robinson
  7. silver

    silver Well-Known Member

    6,239 Messages
    940 Likes Received
    he didn't play. inactive. i see they have landon trusty. it's always a good sign to see former players are catching on elsewhere. except if they're named jimmy smith then it's bad
  8. Portland Fanatic

    Portland Fanatic Well-Known Member

    4,487 Messages
    26 Likes Received
    I saw him on the sidelines in street clothes....
  9. Vman

    Vman New Member

    315 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    Well, its so good to realize that NFL.com keeps the most accurate of records.... :rolleyes:
  10. JohnsKey19

    JohnsKey19 Well-Known Member

    9,257 Messages
    2,397 Likes Received
    I actually wish he did play. I don't think there's any way he plays as well as the other SD LBs played yesterday. They were all terrific. I'd take a few of those guys on my team. Foley is a beast!
  11. Portland Fanatic

    Portland Fanatic Well-Known Member

    4,487 Messages
    26 Likes Received
    No kidding....he was supposed to be a game time decision for them, so maybe they just never updated it. He looked like he was chomping at the bit in a tee shirt...:laugh2:

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