Did Red save his job last night?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by MaineBoy, Dec 3, 2012.

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    Again, I don't agree. I see some of what you are saying but it is a few minor things that don't define a Coach at any level.
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    Define him? Maybe, maybe not. Cost the team games? Damn skippy.
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    We'll keep going in circles if you want. OL execution has cost us almost every game we've lost. Injuries have contributed more than anyoen wants to admit, though you did in another thread. If I had said what you did the fallout would have been unbearable. The schedule we began the season with was a big part of why we are where we are.
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    I don't agree with you on Garrett, I think he has been pretty bad here. But after this Giants loss he has a chance to define himself once and for all in these last 4 games.

    This is his opportunity to take this job and run with it, if the Cowboys make the playoffs, he will win a lot of hearts, including mine. Here's hoping he does.
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    Jerry is going to do whatever it takes to build some excitement in the offseason. I imagine he'd prefer it not to be firing Garrett, but if that's what it takes to energize the fans, he'll do it.

    My thought is Jerry will try and get a big free agent or two, solidify the O-line like everyone wants to, and maybe get a real OC playcaller in here and hope that that will be enough to continue on with Garrett.

    I know that would be the minimum it would take to get me at all optimistic going into next year barring getting a real HC in here who isn't a Jerry yes man.
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    Truth of the matter is nobody knows what Jerry is thinking or how he feels about Garrett. The guy is so unpredictable especially when it comes to the Cowboys. So IDC who wether it be the media or some poster in a forum that says Jerry is all fine with Garrett.

    Its 50-50 on wether Garrett is back.

    But i dont think you need "insider" info to see that Garretts coaching has cost Dallas games. But its telling that at the start of the game when Garrett is in control of the tempo and game as its just started Dallas looks lost on offense beyond comprehension. And its not until they're basically desperate for production that you see Romo flourish. When Romo is able to be Romo and isnt handicapped by a flawed system that he is deadly to opposing teams.

    Im not a ex scout, some guy who has "inside information" with the organization. But i have eyes, i watch football and i aswell as alot of other people can tell when you see bad coaching. And Garrett is a bad HC. Period.

    He runs a flawed system with the type of people on his team. He could go on to be a good coach down the line as other coaches have done. But it wont be in Dallas. Unless theres some miracle that Dallas makes a deep run in the playoffs. But with 3 big games against 3 hot teams(cin, pit, wash) i doubt it will happen.

    I think injuries have played a big part on this teams decline in defense, but there is no reason this offense should have the struggles it has. Sure the OL isnt perfect but its not the worst in the nfl. The talent on offense the team should be able to score at will. And they do, once Garrett is nuetralized by the situations of being down by double digits and the team needs to hurry it up a bit.
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    Tom Landry!



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    Jerry's weakness is taking big risks. It's not a fear of staying the course. Whatever happens--and I'd say it's a near-certainty Garrett is retained as long as the team doesn't absolutely quit on him--Jerry's in a position to do what he thinks is in the best long-term interest of the team.
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    Ok Jason we all know it's you :)
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    Good to know our head coach is not evaluated by team performance.

    The 31 other NFL head coaches just called and wanted to know where they can get a contract like this.

    Wade also called and said "what the hell, I won a playoff game and didnt get one of these babies, whats up with that?"
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    JG has done more with this team than anyone else could have done. He has players out there wanting to play hard for him, playing hurt. Max effort, big heart. There are so many injuries and we have a somewhat patchwork line and other players that didnt have a job when the season started.
    I think all the Payton dreamers are finally coming around to face reality, or posting in a Saints forum (either is fine) and JG has this team playing well. The players all want to make big plays, catch important balls, make the right block.
    The Garrett Era is upon us and any resistance is futile.

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