Did the Cowboys not learn anything from the Claiborne trade-up?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by PSU999, May 12, 2014.

  1. Joe Rod

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    They learned not to trade up for Claiborne! :eek:
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  2. Zimmy Lives

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    They learned: If at first you don't succeed try try again! :D
  3. Risen Star

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    Don't compare the two trades. Those that do still don't get it.

    Lawrence is an edge rusher. An impact player if he's legit. He doesn't need anyone else to do their job in order to be effective and create havoc on opposing QBs.

    Claiborne is a cornerback. An irrelevant player when you consistently lose the line of scrimmage. He impacts nothing on a bad defense. It's just a football fact. It's why you saw jack squat of improvement in this defense when they mortgaged the farm for Carr and Claiborne. They just aren't impact players. Add five more, nothing will change.

    Not to mention the price paid. Much less for Lawrence than Claiborne.

    The real lesson to be learned there is do not build your defense from the back end to the front.
  4. bkight13

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    Great explanation of what happened. That is why I really wanted Barr or Donald to fall to 16. A trade back for a team wanting Manziel or OBJ would've still netted us Lawrence at 23 or 26. Once the draft fell the way it did, we were forced to trade up and get him. Barr and Ford(not as high on) were gone and Attachou was a question. If people look at Lawrence as a first rounder(the team did) then the trade is not that bad.
  5. bkight13

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    They have a draft and FA every year. One missed pick isn't the end of the world. In fact most 1st Rounders are a 50/50 shot.
  6. JoeyBoy718

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    Yep. Couldn't have said it better. I'd also add that I've seen a trend in our drafts the past few years. We seem to be very reactionary. We wait until we need a certain position and we go all out for it.

    Three years ago it was Tyron Smith. This worked out perfectly. We had a top 10 pick, he was the top LT in the draft, and we were there to land him.

    Two years ago we needed CB bad. There were some available but Claiborne was viewed as the best by far. We traded up to get him.

    Last year we had no C. It was Fredrick and no one was close. We could afford to fall back and get him.

    This year we had no RDE on the roster. After missing out on Barr, it was Lawrence or nothing. We were lucky enough to be able to also get Martin so we traded up in the 2nd.

    I guess our point is we've been very reactionary. We identify a few guys who will feel can make an immediate contribution and we make sure we get one of them. I applaud our resilience to get our guy but I'd prefer that we didn't go into every draft so desperate.
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  7. brooksey1

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    Um...we had Demarcus Ware, Jason Hatcher, Anthony Spencer and Jay Ratliff way before we added Claiborne and Carr.
  8. visionary

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    This is my biggest beef
    Stay at 47 and take attaochu
  9. texbumthelife

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    This argument is ridiculous because, even if Lawrence doesn't have this immediate huge impact some of you claim he needs, there is absolutely no guarantee that whoever we picked in the 3rd would either. Furthermore, the Cowboys had no idea when they picked Claiborne that they would be changing schemes and that Claiborne wouldn't be able to stay healthy.
  10. arglebargle

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    Fiddling on that old saw again? Real, professional NFL managers disagree, to the tune of 9 DBs taken in the first round. Versus five Dline. Houston had probably the single best defensive lineman in the league last year and still went 2-14. Our Dline played more different players than any NFL team in the last five years, nearly doubling the average. I posit that no team would have done well in that situation.
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  11. TheRomoSexual

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    Did they not learn anything when they moved up for Lee? Or Dez? Cuts both ways.
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  12. theranchsucks

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    Ealy in the second and Turner in the third.

    FYI and others, Selivie is not a permanent starter and Spencer most likely won't be here after this season either. Drafting BPA and looking toward 2015 would have been the smart thing to do since we aren't going to win now anyways. Now if we had kept our draft picks our 2015 starting lines might look something like this....

    Smith, Turner, Fredrick, Leary, Martin

    Ealy, Melton, 2nd rounder, 1st rounder

    That would have put together 2 really nice young lines for the future. I am not a big fan of the 2 for one. Give up a 4th is ok, but not a 3rd. Would you trade a 2nd and a 3rd for Cliff Avril? No, know body would so why would you for someone who at best will be Avril?
  13. RS12

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    Your best argument is that you cant fill multiple holes with one pick. IE Claiborne versus Brockers and Wagner. Obviously the Claiborne pick has been a disaster. Lawrence needs to show a lot quickly.
  14. Beast_from_East

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    I agree.

    I loved the first two picks and even didn't mind the trade up either.

    However, the Hitchens pick I just hate. There was not a mock draft or scouting report on the planet that had him going in the 4th round. The special teams couch practically crawled up on top of the table for this guy. I just don't think drafting special teams players in the 4th round is a good idea.
  15. Beast_from_East

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    Excellent points.
  16. jimnabby

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    Completely different situations. For Claiborne, they traded up very cheaply and took the player they perceived as BPA despite the fact that he didn't fit an urgent need (they'd already signed Carr). To me, this is a good process yielding (so far) a bad result. For Lawrence, they significantly overpaid to trade up for a player they targeted because of need, not because he was the best overall player available. It was a desperation move, and suggests that the process is broken. So the real question is: will they learn from the Lawrence trade? The problem is, I'm rooting for the player to turn into a superstar and for the Cowboys to learn not to do things like this. I don't see how both things can happen.
  17. iceberg

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    Hand in the dirt seems to be the phrase of the day
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  18. IrishAnto

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    When they Drafted Claiborne they already had Carr and Jenkins (a 1st rounder whom they traded up to get).

    Before drafting Lawrence who did they have that could legitimately play RDE?

    So yes it was a desperation move due in no small way to the fact that Ware couldn’t be relied on any more and was too expensive.

    In order for this scheme to work you need a legit pass rusher on the right side.

    Sometimes that’s the price of doing business.
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  19. Doc50

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    Good summary, BP.

    Hitchens and Lawrence as the whipping boys have something to prove, and the coaches that wanted them will probably enable them to prove it.
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  20. jimnabby

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    No, it's only the price of doing business if you do business badly. You should never ever reach for need in the draft. If you have to live with subpar talent at a position for a year, you do that while getting superior talent in the draft in other places.

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