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Did we remove our search feature?

Discussion in 'CZ Support Zone' started by NextGenBoys, Aug 25, 2016.

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  1. NextGenBoys

    NextGenBoys Well-Known Member

    9,047 Messages
    1,533 Likes Received
    I haven't been as active the last year or so that I had been for the previous 8-9. Did we remove our search feature from the forums?

    I started a podcast and will be bringing on a guest to debate Tony Romo, and I was going to use some of the posts here as a resource. Is there a way to do so?
  2. Seven

    Seven Messenger to the football Gods

    14,421 Messages
    3,615 Likes Received
    Just find the JJ Watt Whiff, 40 yd TD toss vid..................done.
  3. MrMom

    MrMom Well-Known Member

    1,761 Messages
    559 Likes Received
    You can use google. Type "cowboyszone.com (search terms)"
  4. Reality

    Reality Administrator Staff Member

    14,249 Messages
    8,701 Likes Received
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