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Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by masomenos, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. masomenos

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    Not playing Slaton this week cost me my first round bye in the playoffs, he scored 33 points this week in my league. I played three RBs and had the choice of Slaton, Addai, Turner and Dunn. Addai had 48 points in the past two weeks, Dunn had 48, Turner had 56 and Slaton had 29. Since no one was really facing good run defenses I decided to play the guys with the hot hand.


    I was hoping to avoid the match up of Romo vs. Pitt and now it's a game where I need him to put up another 30 point performance. I won't be sitting Slaton against Green Bay next week, that's for sure.
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    Had I played Chris Johnson (24) instead of Mewelde Moore (6) and Eddie Royal (14) instead of Hightower (3).....I could have scored 138, instead of 109 this week. I still won and made the playoffs though.
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    I played slaton and am damn glad I did. This week was the first round of our playoffs and I was down BIG with Slaton being the only player left to play (on my team, obviously). I had given up hope until Houston got the ball back with 2:11 to play. I needed a miracle breakaway touchdown and right as I finish explaining it to my wife, Slaton took off!! In my league, I was down by 16 points before that run. That one put him over 100 yards (5 pt bonus), gave him a td (6 pts), and picked up 40 yards (8 pts). I would have won had I started Eli instead of Tyler Thigpen so I was kicking myself over that and didn't want to leave FF with that bad taste in my mouth!

    I picked up Slaton after Houston's Ike-enforced bye week when he was still unknown. My RB duo of AP & Slaton has done well for me this year :)
  4. masomenos

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    As it turns out, I did still get a first round bye in the playoffs. We had a situation similar to what's going on in the Big 12. I beat one guys but he beat me but lost to a guy I beat who had the same record. It came down to most points scored for the tie breaker and that's something I've lead in all year.

    So I don't have to play Romo vs. Pitt! :)
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    Not to brag, but I had Slaton, Turner, and Chris Johnson... Feasted on them all year on my way to a 1st rd bye.
  6. masomenos

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    I could have had the same RB lineup but I passed on Chris Johnson in round 12, instead electing to draft a backup QB. At this point in time I thought Leinart was going to win the job in Arizona. Yes, I took Leinart over Johnson. :eek::

    Of course I also passed on Gore, Portis and Barber in round 1 and took Addai.

    Really FA pickups are the only thing that got me through the season, I'm amazed that I was able to get a first round bye considering 10 of the 16 players I drafted are no longer on my team.
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    I didn't play Westbrook.....=/

    I had Slaton and Deangelo Williams starting though...=)

    That's fantasy though you go with the hot hand.

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