News: Difference between Seahawks, Cowboys comes from the draft

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by morasp, Jan 31, 2014.

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    Draft is important?
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    The draft is just one of the many things the Seahawks do better. The attitude of the entire franchise is better. Pete Carroll is the face of the Seahawks from a non-player standpoint. The entire roster has adopted the mentality of the coaches and they all have heart. Those guys compete for their jobs every week in practice. Their new stadium was designed to maximize fan participation in the game.

    Our coach, try as he may, has to look over his shoulder all the time. The attitude of the franchise is don't cross Jerry. The players know if Jerry has devoted significant resources to the player, they can get away with more, they get complacent in their position on the roster, they will likely never get benched. Our stadium is a shrine to the owner, to opulence, artwork, and includes a massive TV screen, so the fans in the nose bleeds can see the game, and it's more like a museum inside than a stadium.
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    And management......
  4. links18

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    It depends on who is running it........
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    At first one would think dallas is being pick on. But these are guys dallas miss at the same postion in the same rounds. Its like drafting Ryan Leaf over Manning then a few years later drafting Blaine Gabbert over Cam Newton. Simple picks like this can add much needed depth on a team. I guess this is why JJ has bought in another pairs of eyes to help set up their board. Something has to be wrong when you cant develop anyone on the DL or secondary past the 1st round.
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    Sir, you have a good grasp of the situation! I like post like this!
  7. rwalters31

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    While!!! You are severe, sir! But you are actuate.
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    Och! JJ could use Al Davis as an alias! At this stage, they are hard to distinguish! They will end up the same way by running the teams into the ground and fans wearing paper bags over their head, then a dirt nap!
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    So all Dallas has to do is find All Pro caliber players in rounds 4 and 5 and all will be fine....

    BTW, in 2011 when Dallas selected Josh Thomas (a player on the Panthers currently btw) Seattle chose Kris Durham in round 4.
    He lasted a year in Seattle before ending up in Detroit.

    Sherman was EASILY the best value pick in that entire friggin draft.

    He was FAR better then any other Seahawks pick.

    Comparing a generational hit to a single pick from another team is just Pavlovian garbage.
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  10. yentl911

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    Seattle has hit a few home runs that has put them over the hump - luck has something to do with it but give them credit. They have drafted better top to bottom than just about everyone in the league. Maybe everyone in the league over the last four years.

    I love the home field advantage they have as well. College atmosphere. I wish JJ's Taj Mahal could be the same way - 90K screaming fans in a closed dome could be intimidating.....I can dream can't I??
  11. Alexander

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    They also have made their share of mistakes.

    The key is they have quickly moved on from them and continued to attack problem areas on the roster relentlessly. They have prided themselves at looking at pretty much every single avenue to acquire talent, the draft, unrestricted free agency, undrafted free agents and trades. They have made over a thousand roster moves since 2010. When you have that many transactions, it is bound to create competition as players will fear they can and will get cut if they do not perform.

    The QB position is a clear example. They traded for Charlie Whitehurst, found it wouldn't work, quickly moved on. Signed Matt Flynn but still drafted Wilson and weren't afraid to let the money speak to who would win the job. They were even able to unload Flynn for a 2014 draft choice.
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  12. strasscat

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    You can say the same thing about the 30 other teams that didn' pick sherman or Chancelor.
    Just some Anti-Cowboys PFT garbage.
  13. chicago JK

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    Every team has picks that bust or just can't play. It is a numbers game. The best drafting teams just seem to find guys late in the draft or off the street more. It is not a ton more, but a couple of difference makers In a parity league can be the difference in 8 wins to 11 wins.

    Outside of Parcells stay here, Dallas has done poor finding any difference makers late in the draft. Some solid players but certainly not difference makers
  14. xwalker

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    The Seahawks were so smart in identifying Sherman as a Pro Bowl type player, that they drafted 4 players before him.

    1 James Carpenter (they drafted him earlier than most projections because they thought he could play OT, he couldn't and they moved him to Guard)
    3 John Moffitt (traded to Denver for a practice squad DL, would have been cut otherwise)
    4 K. J. Wright (starting SLB)
    4 Kris Durham (cut by Seattle, became a starter in the 3rd game of this season for the Lions, career totals 49 for 645)
    5 Richard Sherman
  15. peplaw06

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    So now it's a knock against a team if they draft a guy, but didn't draft him sooner when they could have?

    Stupid Cowboys for not drafting Romo and waiting until the 3rd to take Witten.
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  16. speedkilz88

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    Gosh, you can really miss a point.
  17. Alexander

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    And Dallas was so smart they drafted seven players not including Tony Romo, Al Johnson before Jason Witten, Shante Carver before Larry Allen, James Richards before Erik Williams and Rhondy Weston before Tony Tolbert.

    Great point, that should set everyone straight.
  18. peplaw06

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    I didn't miss anything. It's a ******** point.
  19. arglebargle

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    It's just a point you don't want to acknowledge as legit. Now if you could show a bunch of teams consistently hitting on late round picks, you might have something. Instead of an outlier or anomoly.
  20. Redball Express

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    This carries a lot of weight to me.

    We have whiffed on way too many draft picks by reaching and projecting a players' potential 2-3 years down the line and draft them cheaply and then invest enormous coaching into them with low ball results.

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