News: Dilfer on Wade: "Obviously he's lost the team"

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by dcfanatic, Nov 2, 2010.

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    One of the biggest backers of the Cowboys in the media has been ESPN's Trent Dilfer. Most of his support has come because he's a firm believer that Tony Romo is an elite QB, but even Dilfer knows that Wade Phillips has lost this team...

    Dilfer on The Herd - Nov 1st

    Agree 100%. These players are no longer buying into Wade's philosophy because it's not working and now some of these players who understand what it takes to be winners in this league are looking around at some guys who don't get it. The worst part is that those guys who don't get it were allowed to keep their jobs because Wade doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings.
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    thanks for posting DC... but were are beating a dead horse here

    everyone knows including wade he has lost the team..

    but reality is he is staying and probably the rest of the season because jer thinks it is in the best interest of the team/situation

    lets go back to pop warner basics and go over fundementals
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    Dilfer is BFF's with Kitna, if he says what the rest of us know, he probably knows from inside with regard to Kitna as well..more yikes!:bang2:
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    Tell Captain Obvious I said thanks. ;)
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    This was before the new focus on fundamentals. They are back in line now.

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    DC, thanks! But for some reason, I can't get the audio. Does Dilfer name names of players who don't get it, and the ones that do?
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    Nothing good comes from Wade coaching this team another game. Its just an invite to do more damage.
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