Disappointed with Parnell

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by erod, Jul 23, 2013.

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    Romo also led the league in interceptions with 19, I believe. Not all of those were the o-line fault, but some of them definitely were. If Romo isn't running for his life, he will maintain the positive production and turn the ball over less. That's what this team needs, along with the running game.

    And how many cracked ribs does Romo have to have before people realize he needs to be protected better by the o-line? Add in the broken thumb and the collar bone as well. He needs to be protected better....bottom line.
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    If maybe Romo could reduce them throws that make us all shake our heads a little. It would make me alot happier. W

    Umm didnt Brees have 19 too? 12 of Romos INTs came in 3 games. So the stats dont really tell the whole story. so 7 ints in in the other 13 games.
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    I still think Parnell could be a solid swing tackle this year but I have never believed he could replace Free in the starting lineup. As bad as Free was last year, I can see Parnell being more inconsistent if he were a regular starter.

    Maybe he can develop into a quality RT but he would need to beat out Free to get the playing time. I don't see it happening.
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    He's definitely not a crappy player. And it's good they're not starting a rookie in his place. Ya can't just toss players to the side that you developed. He's proven he can play so you have to go with him to at least start the season. If he's still stinkin it up between wk 1 and wk6 he can be benched.
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    Useless statistic - he was #3 in the league in passes attempted. He's middle of the pack in INT per attempt.
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    He.was 2 point something per attempt which was not his career worse but a little subpar. Brady does well there. And not all INTs are created equal. Romo needs to be 1.1-2 to 1.5-7.

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