Disobedience of the Scientific Method is going to kill the NFL

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by erod, Oct 10, 2013.

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    I think this whole lawsuit stuff is stupid. I played for 14 years total. I started playing when I was 6, it was flag but we were in full pads and had contact, just no tackling. By the time I was in HS, I knew the dangers of playing this game. It doesn't take a very smart person to know that when you run as fast you can and hit someone as hard as you can, and they are doing the same thing, bad things can happen. I will never have full range of motion in my neck again. It is what it is. It was my choice and I deal with it. I don't care if it was 1920 or 2013, when you bang your head into something, you know the dangers of that, no one has to tell you. If you step in front of a moving train, you know that is dangerous and no one had to tell you that either. Everyone in the NFL has chosen to be there. They have accepted the risk associated with that.

    The only ones that have gripe about the NFL are the older players. The ones that built this league into what it is today and were not paid very much for it. They are the ones that the NFL should be taking care of, whether or not they have any lingering injuries.

    Oh and by the way, I have 2 sons. Both of which I encourage very strongly to play football. Its a great game and teaches you so much about life. There is always a risk in anything you do, from going for a walk to driving to the store to playing football.
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    drug addiction, family abandonment, and even suicide. Dave Duerson, Junior Seau, Mike Webster

    It happens in all walks of life........who here doesn't know someone who this has happened to? Wow, they found 3 players in a fifty year span.

    If they really want a solution go back to leather helmets
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    That comment is just flat out ignorant.

    When you show that you are seeing four times that expected number of ALS deaths, four times the number of expected Alzheimer's deaths, and three times the amount of neurodegenerative disorder related deaths in former football players compared to the general population, it is more than just three players you are talking about.
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    I played center most of my football time but never went face to face. I was fortunate. The one time I did get my clock cleaned and saw stars was when I was blinded sided on a kickoff.
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    "A Harvard study" wasn't cited in the documentary. Dr. Bennet Omalu and Dr. Ann McKee, the two medical professionals featured most prominently in the documentary, aren't "Harvard scientists." In fact, I don't recall a single Harvard scientist interviewed.

    Aikman wasn't interviewed for this documentary. I did a quick search and I can't find where he has ever made that statement. Do you have a source?

    Off the top of my head, all of those questions, or variations of them, were addressed in the documentary.

    Nope. Issues of sample size and the recency of research were mentioned explicitly by medical professionals in the documentary. I can't make sense of your "absolute fact" comment.

    This is from a separate post you made in the thread...

    Actually, I can't find where Aikman made this statement either.

    From this article: http://content.usatoday.com/communi...n-says-concussion-saturation-will-hurt-nfl-/1 Bold emphasis is mine.

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    they well be wearing flags in the next ten years any way and the QBS A ballerina tutu
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    Aikman said it on his radio show this morning on The Ticket. I was listening to it.

    He's actually said it on multiple occasions on his weekly show when the topic has been discussed over the years.
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    yes, a simple "sign here, your brain can be injured" waiver would take care of it
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    NFL players are compensated at a ludacris rate.

    College players should be the ones outraged really.
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    It's called informed consent. It's not as if NFL players are not well compensated. It does speak to how wrong the college system is though.
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    Erod, I've read many of your posts on this topic and I really have to ask, just what do you want exactly or what are you suggesting?

    That safety precautions ruin the game? That because NFL players get paid millions and voluntarily choose a dangerous profession, that the risk of head injuries should not be minimized more? I'm not trying to use a straw man argument, I'm genuinely wondering what you're trying to communicate. I can understand if the NFL took safety precautions to a ludicrous extreme, but I don't think it's at that point.
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    My son wouldn't mind playing football in addition to his hockey but my wife will not allow it. She is happy hitting has been taken out of hockey until Bantam now (1999-2000 birth years aka 13-14) so he won't have to hit in hockey for three more seasons.
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    Dude, we all know you were by the bleachers stirring your cooler full of H2O with a wooden spoon when a football came spiralling through the air and bounced off your cranium.
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    Man up and risk your life for others viewing enjoyment. There's no scientific consensus, yada, yada.
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    Sorry, not a member of the Garrett family.
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    They didn't have the week off between the NFC championship game and the Superbowl back then?
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    Not that year.
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    Steinberg was so outraged at this barbaric game... But he didn't mind making millions off it.
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    name them

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